NOTW: New Catrice polishes

The other day German budget make up brand Catrice revamped their collection with some new products. My favorite Catrice product must be their nail polishes. So when I found out about the new colors they were releasing I decided to have a look and see whether anything would be worth picking up. Unfortunately there are quite a few repromote/ rereleased polishes that I already have. That is why only three of the polishes caught my attention and I’ve swatched two of them for you.

The first one I would like to show you is this great shimmery dark teal color: Be Pool. Technically this isn’t even in their new collection as it’s not permanent. This color is a limited edition that comes with Catrice’s current limited Nymphelia collection. This is a great color in my opinion. It is just the right mixture of green and blue and I love how it is this dark shade. I haven’t seen many shades like this.

This color has been added to the permanent collection AND it is brand new too. It is called Welcome to Rosywood and it is a a dark creamy rose color void of shimmer. It has a hint of brown to it and thus makes a great dark neutral color with my skin tone.

Another thing Catrice did is change the brush to apply the nail polish with. It is mostly wider so you can cover more of your nail in one go. Since my nails aren’t big to begin with, it’s not the most ideal brush for me, but I managed to put it on without too many problems after all. I do have to be careful when putting it on though.

I really like both colors but I think the teal color is my favorite. I have one other polish that I will most likely show later this week.

On a personal note: London is fun! I will make sure there’s a post on my first day tomorrow. How have you been?

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