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So many cool trends have been happening lately and that is why my fashion wishlist has been growing quite a bit. Because of my London trip I’ve refrained from buying too many new things as I want to see what is available at stores that I cannot get to on a regular basis. I hope to find items that are just a tad different from what I would be able to find in my local shopping street. This goes mainly for clothes and accessories and here’s what I hope to find.

1. Basic colored shirts

Number one on the list are basic colored t-shirts/ tops. I have a ton of plain nude colored shirts, but no brights or pastel colored ones. I have plenty of colored shirts with prints on them, but NOTHING that is just a shirt without too much going on. Since colors are a must have this spring I’m hoping there will be enough to go around and find them.

2. Dark colored bulky sweater

I’m totally digging the trend of wearing tight (riding) pants with a bulky sweater on top. You know, the ones that look like your boyfriend might have lived in it for a while. I have light colored ones, but no dark one. I tend found this sweater by American Apparel and fell in love. It is pricey though so I will go check it out and if it really is as good as it looks on the picture I will just splurge on it.

3. Skater or shift dress

I would really like a skater or shift dress. I bought a skater dress the other day, but that one is a mustard yellow with dark blue polka dots. What I’m really missing in my wardrobe is a plain gray dress. What I am hoping is that I will find a gray skater dress or possible one in that great sea foam green color that I’ve been spotting everywhere lately.

4. Short necklaces

Short necklaces are making a huge comeback. I still have a few from way back in the day, but there are new styles out right now that I’m loving. Most of them are very plain and simple and look great paired with a button down shirt. I will definitely try to hit up Primark and Forever 21 and I think I will find something that suits me there.

5. Colored pants

Another thing I’d love to find are green or bright blue pants. I bought a pair of pink ones in January, but I remember owning a pair of green pants a few years ago and loving them to pieces. I had to throw them out because they were too big, so finding a new pair would be nice. So far, I haven’t found a pair of pants that has the right color, though I spotted a nice green colored pair of treggings at pieces the other day. I may just have to go with that if I can’t find it in London.

6. A red blazer

I love blazers but I’m very picky when it comes to them. I’ve been trying to find a red blazer for over a year now, but have yet to find the perfect one. There is always something that wrong: wrong cut, wrong shade, or it’s too tight around my shoulders. I know it’s a long shot but I hope to finally find a comfy red blazer that doesn’t make me look pasty.

7. Some items for DIY projects

I’ve found so many great DIY clothing tutorials on Youtube and I’m dying to try my hand at a few. However, I don’t want to risk ruining a perfectly fine brand new shirt. That is why I really want to go to Primark. As their stuff is cheap it won’t have cost me tons when things go bad. It totally depends on what I’ll find what I’ll be able to do with it and I will let you know if it all worked out and make some posts on the DIY stuff when I get to it.

What’s on your fashion wishlist?

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