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You know how fashion is usually geared towards looking pretty? Well that’s not what I want to talk about today. No I want to share with you my handy fashion tips. In other words: my personal tips & tricks that are practical rather than esthetic. Want to know how you can prevent pantyhoses from ripping and sliding down your bum (amongst other things)? Then keep on reading!

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  1. Don’t you just hate it when your pantyhoses or leggings are sliding down as you wear them throughout the day? Well I do too. Solution: just wear a pair of matching undies OVER it. It not only prevents your tights from sliding down your butt, but it also ensures no one can have a look at your actual undies when your tights are very sheer. Win-win situation!
  2. Another pantyhose related tip is to wear socks over your pantyhoses when you wear boots. I have ruined many pantyhoses because I wore them in boots or because I walked around in them around the house. Adding socks over it will prevent your pantyhoses from ripping and they’ll still be suitable to wear with those cute pumps you own.
  3. I also like to prevent my tights from forming fluff from rubbing against the inside of my boots. I have plenty of calf high boots and they always seem to have some form of stitching that again ruins your pantyhoses. What I did is take a piece of band aid and stick it over the stitching.
  4. Buy inlays for your heeled shoes. I have a bunch of heels that I have owned for quite some time now and they are all worn in and thus super comfy. However, by now my foot is able to slide down just enough that my heel actually pops out when I walk. I just stuck on these inlays that go in the back of the shoe and ta-dah: your old shoes feel as good as new.
  5. Shorts that are too big or too small. Do you own shorts that suddenly don’t fit you anymore? Here’s what you can do about this: add an extra button or simply take off the button and attach it at a more convenient spot. I own a pair of jeans shorts that once were too tight. I just added a jeans button a little to the left of the original button so they would fit again. By now, they fit perfectly again and I just use the original button again.
  6. Having sewing skills could majorly help you maintain, reuse or alter your clothes. Just a few basic skills are enough, such as stitching on buttons or mending holes. I have a black lace skirt that I once ripped while getting of my back. I just recently tried to mend the hole and they are now back to looking as good as new. I also replaced an ugly button on a pair of shorts I bought AND took in a dress and a skirt that ended up being too big.
  7. Save your shoes in the original box as much as you can. This will give your shoes a proper way to be stored and they will be damaged less quickly and look nicer for a longer period of time.
  8. Instead of throwing delicate items in the wash you can also try letting them air for a while (lest they are not dirty of course). This is what I do with blazers. Many blazers are dry clean only and if you’d wash them it would take ages to dry. If I’ve worn a blazer for a day, I turn them inside out, put them on a hanger and hang them in front of my open window for a day. Any nasty smells are gone and your blazer is good to go!
  9. Have any old shirts or sweaters lying about that you won’t wear anymore but which look too nice to throw away? Reuse them as work out shirts, pyjama tops or as an extra warm layer for underneath your clothes on cold days.
  10. Gym or work out shoes can become smelly quite quickly. The trick is to always take them out of your gym bag and make sure the top is open. This way your shoes can air. I have had my pair of dance sneakers for nearly 10 years and they still don’t smell even though I wear them multiple times a week.

There you have it! My 10 practical fashion tips to use, reuse and prevent your clothes from going bad or uncomfy. What are yours?

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  1. Tip from my (grand)mother: to prevent dark colored clothes from bleeding or fading, use vinegar! How?
    Put the new piece of clothing you haven’t washed yet in a bucket of cold water with some vinegar added (don’t be afraid to use more than two drops, you can add as much as a cup or mug of vinegar to it). Soak it well. You can leave it in there for a whole night (the old-fashioned way) or take it out after a few hours. Rinse twice, add softener the second time and it smells fresh again! Vinegar cleans as well so you don’t really have to use washing powder when you do this.
    You can also add vinegar to the washing machine if you don’t want to wash by hand or have multiple pieces of clothing. Vinegar dissolves calcium as well (very useful for cleaning coffee machines and the like!) so that must be an extra benefit to your washing machine 😉

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