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I of course had to us my new Catrice & Essence polishes on my nails as quickly as I could. So when I was doing my nails before heading to my parents for my mom’s birthday I came up with this quick and easy nail look.

On my nails:

  • Essence Walk on Air as a base color
  • Catrice Million Styles Top Coat in Return of the Space Cowboys (middle finger & pinky)
  • Catrice Million Styles Top Coat in Have an Ice Day (index & ring finger)

I wanted to try these two especially as the swatches over black didn’t make them look all that impressive. I think that Have an Ice Day is done much more justice over this creamy blue color. It even allowed my camera to sort of pick up on the multicolored specks of glitter in the polish.

Return of the Space Cowboys is still not looking all that great, unless I look at it in direct sunlight. I think this will look better over a lighter grey or blue color. I will most likely try that next. Unfortunately my camera had a hard time picking up this color and the only thing that popped up was this blurry picture, but this gives you the idea.

As you can see the glitters have a bit of a greenish sheen to it apart from blue. What my camera fails to capture and which I find rather hard to see in real life too, is the fact that there is also purple in this top coat. You can see it in the bottle, but it doesn’t really transfer onto your nails. I hope that over a different base color the purple will show up.

What are you wearing on your nails this week?

5 responses to “NOTW: Frosty Ocean”

  1. Kine Rustand Avatar

    Essie nr. 73 “Cute As A Button” 😉 A very “springy” color. I bought 4 Essie nail polishes the other day just to try the brand after hearing a lot of rave reviews. Very pleased so far. Quick-drying and stays put for days before even showing signs of chipping.

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Essie has some great polishes! I love Topless & Barefoot and Coat Azure.

  2. AWildDog Avatar

    Just a 17 base strengthening base coat. Giving my nails a rest this week.

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      I never give my nails a rest. When I do they break and rip like there is no tomorrow.

  3. meike Avatar

    French manicure:lips:

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