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Today I would like to talk music again. I know I’ve said this before, but what usually happens to me is that I will be listening to a song for a while and then suddenly I’ll hear a song by the same band, like it too and end up looking into more stuff. That is why some bands float around my music collection for a while until I actually start listening to their music properly. This was exactly the case with Bravestation. A Canadian band which doesn’t even have a wiki page, let alone many views on youtube. Yet, I think this tribal indie rock band should be on many more people’s radar.


Tribal indie rock band? I hear you think. Yes, that’s probably the closes description of their sound as it sounds like rock music with a good dose of tribal elements to it. It’s difficult to describe so why don’t you just have a listen for yourself:

White Wolves Official Music Video:

This remix of the same song by Teen Daze is also pretty rad:

The first song I heard: Colour Us With Youth

There is no album out yet, but there’s an EP from 2010 as well as a new single. Both can be downloaded at the band’s bandcamp website and the best part: it’s all free! Click the links below to download the goodness.

Free download of new single

Free download of EP

I’ve been obsessed with Colour Us With Youth for a few weeks now and the more it I hear the more I like it. The same goes for all of their music. Now all they have to do is come to Holland and perform a show here. They’ll at least have one person cheering them on.

What music have you just recently been obsessing about?

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