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First of all: Happy Spring everyone! Today marks the official start of spring so yay for that! Over here the weather is getting a bit nicer and so I’m stoked on wearing all of the spring trends. One trend you surely will not have missed is the fact that this time around bright colors are the way to go for spring & summer. Personally I like combining these bright reds, pinks, greens, yellows and purples with neutral colors for a more toned down look. Color blocking is cool but not always work appropriate. So that’s why I decided to buy some more neutrals to up the anti. H&M had a nice discount the other week where your most expensive item was 25% off so I hit up their online store. Here’s what I got.

Taupe sheer button down (H&M)

If you follow this blog, then you will know that this isn’t the first button down I’ve purchased in the past couple of months. In fact it seems to be all I’m buying this past couple of seasons. The reason being is that many of these shirts now come in a baggier fit and in straight cuts which make them very wearable. Because the blouse is sheer, the color is a bit more muted than a full on taupe and is gearing more towards a nude. The color looks great on and I love how it has the breast pocket and hidden buttons down the front. Price tag: € 19.95.

Basic beige t-shirt (H&M)

This really isn’t worth mentioning, but since I was taking pictures anyway I decided to throw this in here too. It’s just a basic beige/ taupe colored t-shirt. Great for layering and combining with printed bottoms. Price: € 4.95

Taupe colored medium sized messenger bag (H&M)

The minute I spotted this bag I knew I’d have to have it. It’s slightly bigger than a purse, but smaller than a full on bag which will make it perfect for shopping or just going out for the day. It has a short handle as well as a long shoulder strap which will make it easy to carry around. Those weren’t the selling points for me though. No, it were the details that did it for me. Let’s have a look!

Rose gold clasp close up

Rose gold detailing

As you can see the details on this bag aren’t just silver, or gold, but rose gold. It’s fake of course, but I really thought that was a nice touch that makes this bag just a tad different. Original price is € 19.95, but with the discount this was € 14.95.

Skinny taupe & orange belt (H&M)

Detail of belt

I love skinny belts and I don’t have that many in neutral colors yet. I have tan, brown and black mostly and then some brights, but nothing like this. I thought this one was a fun little piece to add to my growing belt collection as I don’t have any skinny belts in a greyish/ taupe color and I think the orange adds just a pop of color to make it work with more toned down outfits. And it wasn’t expensive as it retails for € 4.95.

That concludes my short but sweet H&M shoplog. As you can see I love button downs and taupe. What have you been liking? Anything you bought? Share it in a comment.

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