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Recently I have been planning a bunch of concerts again. I haven’t been going much in the past year or so as I didn’t really have the time or because nothing fun was coming my way. Now, however, I have found a bunch of cool concerts to go to and I would like to share with you which these are.

30/03 Memoryhouse @ Paradiso

This dreamy indie pop group is not very well known to me. I only know a handful of songs. In my experience though, those sometimes make the best concerts. At only 10 euros for a ticket I could not pass up going. Here is their song To the Lighthouse

And the remix by Millionyoung:

23/04 Maps & Atlases @ Paradiso

Another indie group that I actually only know by name. I have heard their song Solid Ground only once. When coming across them I did do a quick search and found this newer song called Winter which I really like.

02/05 Band of Skulls @ Paradiso

This band I actually really like. I have their first album Baby Darling Doll Face Honey and have had their song Death by Diamonds and Pearls in my playlist since I first found the song 2 years ago. They were also featured on the Twilight New Moon Soundtrack and I even contemplated buying a ticket to their show when they played Amsterdam before. It was never meant to be. Now they are back with a new single, a new album and a new tour. I’m really curious! Here is the first single of their second album, Bruises:

17/05 Perfume Genius @ Amstelkerk

Another band I don’t know much about. I only know that the few songs I know, I love dearly. I already featured one of their songs in a previous post and am just curious to see how this dreamy music will come across live. They play Amsterdam as part of the Indiestad festival. Here is one of their newer songs called All Waters:

29/05 White Denim @ Melkweg

White Denim is a band that has been on my radar for some time. I have their album Fits, and have a bunch of their songs that float around my playlist. Their sound cannot be pinned down to one specific genre. It is sort of rocky, jazzy, groovy all at the same time. Here’s one of my favorite song by them called Home Together:

14/06 Marcus Foster @ Paradiso

This young singer/songwriter played Crossing Border in November and all I read were rave reviews. Some said he was even the best performance of that festival. I already have his album and love a bunch of his songs. He’s friends with Bobby Long, whose concert I went to in October. So I cannot wait to hear this guy live. Here’s the main single from his album called I Was Broken:

29/06 James Vincent McMorrow @ Melkweg

Finally! I finally managed to get hold of a ticket to see James Vincent McMorrow. He made one of my favorite albums of 2011, which I finally got my hands on in London, and I already blogged about him too. I’m most stoked about this one! This is my current favorite song from his album Early in the Morning called Down the Burning Ropes:

I will also be seeing Radiohead in October, but I will post about that later. I hope to be able to write reviews on all these concerts if they are interesting enough. I won’t be taking vids or pictures at every concert either. Just whenever I feel like I should. Some artists I’m curious to see as I’ve been listening to them for a while, others have just recently popped onto my radar. At least I’ve got something to do the next couple of months.

Which concerts will you be attending in the coming months?

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