Thursday’s shoplog: influx of color

If you read this blog you may have seen the shoplog I posted a few days ago. It was completely void of color. That is, unless you count beige and taupe as staple colors for your wardrobe. So on Thursday I went out shopping with my mom and actually only bought colored items. Go figure. One day I’m buying stuff in pretty much one very neutral color and the other I go out and buy boom, in your face colors that are the complete opposite. Hope you enjoy this one!

Neon turquoise highwaisted tregging (M&S Mode)

I don’t know why, but my camera hates bright color. It just totally washes them out and put this weird pattern on it too. Oh well, you will just have to believe me when I say that these treggings are the brightest tuquoise color I have seen in a long while. I found these at a store I never ever shop at. My mom usually goes in there though as the store is aimed at well, moms, rather than 20-something year olds. We spotted these pretty much at the same time and they are a perfect fit. My mom actually got the same ones, only in a taupy/ dark beige color. And no I am not ashamed to say that I bought something at a store for more mature women, nor the fact that my mom bought the exact same item. 😉 Price: €24.95.

Peppermint sheer lace front t-shirt (Vero Moda)

I knew Vero Moda had some of the prettiest minty/ pastel light green shirts in stores and had been eyeballing the pretty colors through the windows. I hadn’t gone in to see if it even looked good and so when I went it I just grabbed all the shirts in this color that looked half decent to me and tried them on. This one, which on the hanger looked the least appealing and also isn’t done justice by my trusty mannequin, actually looked great on. I will have to wear a top underneath it, as it is quite sheer. €16.95

Bright coral top (Vero Moda)

Apart from pretty minty green colors, Vero Moda also has the best coral colored items out now. This shirt looked really nice on. It’s casual and very basic but the bright color give it a bit extra that still makes it interesting. €12.95

Floral printed skater dress (H&M Divided)

Woohoo! I finally got my hands on a skater dress. It’s not grey, but has a cute and pretty floral pattern with pastel green, rosy pink, soft yellow and black. My mom actually bought me this. She sometimes does that when we go shopping. Still trying to take care of me even though I moved out nearly 10 years ago. Bless her. Price: €14.95. Close up of the pattern:

Aloe Soothing Night Cream (The Body Shop)

My favorite night cream! I needed a new jar and skin care was buy one get one at half price, so when my mom offered I pick up something I needed to put in with her purchase I grabbed this. We got a pretty good deal anyway as we also got a 10% discount with that Love Your Body card AND I was on my 4th purchase with that giving me an extra 10 euro discount. Original price: €19.

So that’s it for this little shoplog. Not too much but enough to keep me going for a while. I will hopefully be going to Amsterdam next week to hit up ZARA and New Yorker to see what they have there. With this beautiful weather it is also possible to bust out these outfits right away, which is exactly what I plan on doing the next couple of days.

Have you been enjoy the nice weather? If so, how?

6 responses to “Thursday’s shoplog: influx of color”

  1. I sooooo want to go clothes shopping – but I’m also working on losing weight so I’m trying to hold back just a little on that.

    Enjoying this nice weather totally, I’ve been sat in the park, walking Blade but my allergies don’t like it one bit! Over the counter anti-h are really not working so it’s looking like a year of prescriptions for me.

  2. hi!! i love that Peppermint sheer lace front t-shirt from the Vero Moda! when did you buy it? Did you buy it online? Because i can’t find it there! 🙁


    • Hey! I bought it a few days before I published the post in a real store. I think Vero Moda carries certain items in certain stores (like H&M does as well), or maybe it has sold out? Perhaps you can take the picture and take it to a store, maybe they can order it for you!

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