3 Movies I’ve seen and liked

I am not much of a movie buff, but in the past couple of weeks I’ve watched a few movies that I really liked so I thought I’d share.

Tropic Thunder:

I am totally late watching this, but I had been meaning too ever since it came out. It’s about a bunch of drama queen actors who are shooting a movie about the Vietnam War. Through some circumstances they end up in the middle of nowhere. Before they know it they are under a real attack which they mistake for the movie. Some of them stay in denial, others realize what’s going on and that makes for some pretty hilarious moments. With an especially funny role from Robert Downing Jr who plays an Australian actor who’s playing an African American sergeant and a cameo by a nearly unrecognizable Tom Cruise. Other actors include: Jack Black, Ben Stiller and Matthew McConaughey. I usually dislike comedy, but this one definitely made for some entertainment.

Black Swan:

I most recently watched Black Swan. After having been to Swan Lake with my mom, we of course had to see this movie. I am glad I saw the actual ballet before seeing the movie. It made the movie make a lot more sense. Black Swan is a thriller about ballet dancer Nina (Natalie Portman) who strives for perfection. She is the perfect white swan, but has to dig deep to find the black swan inside of her. Eventually finds it, but at a very high cost. I found the movie quite predictable, yet the way Nina’s journey to find her Black Swan plays out is still very intriguing to watch.

Un Prophète:

A French movie. I don’t really watch a lot of French movies, but when it came out I read reviews about it and couldn’t help but want to see it. The story entails 6 years of the life of Malik. A young Arab man in France who ends up in jail. He very quickly finds out that in order to survive he will have to try to get on the good side of some key figures in the jail. Slowly but surely, Malik slowly rises amongst the prison’s ranks and gains the trust of the major gang leader of the prison. And that’s all I’m going to say as I would give away too much if I’d tell you more. Let’s just say that Malik is a very smart man. The movie is quite long (2.5 hours) but is a very accurate and telling depiction of prison life and the things these men do to get ahead. Not something you just watch and be entertained, but something that really makes you think.

Have you seen any of these? If yes, did you like them and why? If no, would you want to?

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