Look what I won: Andrelon hair care

A while ago, Dutch beauty blogger Veracamilla held a giveaway contest where you could win the complete haircare line of European haircare brand Andrélon. You could enter to win the line for straight or curly hair. When I saw the contest I immediately decided to enter. You had to explain why you wanted to win as well as show a picture of your hair. I entered using the following pictures, showing the red ombre type hairstyle I got in December. Surprisingly enough, a few weeks after the contest ended I received an email saying I’d won and less than two weeks later I received my prize in the mail.Here’s what I got:

Andrélon: shampoo, conditioner and mask for curly hair

Andrelon: mousse, leave-in conditioner and booster spray for curly hair

This prize couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. My hair is getting long, which is what I want, but with that it also needs more care. The length has started to weigh down my hair and it seriously affect the amount of waves my hair has. After a day, not much of it is left. The only thing I can do about it, is another trip to the hairdresser’s but since I don’t want to go just yet, I will have to make do with some products. That is why these products are now perfect for me.

Finding the right haircare products is a feat and now I received a bunch of them for free, so I can just dabble around with them. The main reason why my hair is weighed down so much, is because of the conditioner I use. At least that is my guess. I hope that this conditioner won’t weigh it down as much. I’m also nearly out of leave-in conditioner and I am eager to try that booster spray and 1-minute hair mask. I really hope that these products will do something other to my hair than making it greasy and heavy (my hair’s usual reaction to any haircare product).

I want to make this work and hopefully it can help me push through another 4 – 6 weeks when I hope to get my hair cut again. Not getting it cut won’t help it grow either and I think that adding more layers in the mix will not only make my hair summer proof, but also give it back its bouncy waves. Thanks to Vera for the prize!

Which haircare products do you use?

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  1. Ik gebruik al heeeel lang Andrélon volume mousse, zonder dat hangt mijn haar echt slap en kaarsrecht naar beneden. Kan echt niet zonder!
    Ben benieuwd hoe de produkten gaan bevallen 😀

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