Fave items in my room

Today I would like to do something a little different. Today’s post is not about beauty, nor is it about music or fashion. No today I would like to show you some of my favorite items that I keep on display in my house. Just a few items that I hold near and dear for whatever reason. I thought it would be fun to show and by telling you a bit more about them, I would be able to tell a bit more about myself in the process. Leave a comment below and tell me about your favorite items which you keep around!

Chinese Lucky Fish

I received these fish as a gift from a Chinese exchange student as a thank you for helping him out with his thesis. During one of my final years as a student of English I volunteered to help a group of Chinese students to feel at home during their stay in The Netherlands. We took them to The Hague and had pancakes. We celebrated Sinterklaas and had a potluck dinner. I learned a lot about Chinese culture that year and also about cultural differences in general. The guy who gifted me the fish had his wife send this all the way from China. A lot of thought and effort went into these little guys and I have kept them around ever since as it always reminds me of the time I spent with these amazing people.

English street signs – Beatles memorabilia

These English street signs used to hand at my parents’ house. We brought them back from Liverpool during a family vacation in England and Wales when I was 14 or 15 years old. The street signs obviously refer to Beatles songs (we got them at the Beatles’ museum) and I have another one up on my wall which says Abbey Road (not pictured). These street signs do not only remind me of family vacations to England during my teens, but also to my crazy Backstreet Boys tours. In 2008, I visited the same spot in Liverpool again, only this time it wasn’t to view the Beatles’ museum, but to see Backstreet Boys play Echo Arena. Good memories! (Shout out to my NLY girlies!)

Poster: Quoting Shakespeare from The Globe in London

Another souvenir. Only this time it’s not from a family vacation, but from one of my many trips to London. Since 2009, I’ve been to London every year and the plan is to not stop doing that in the short term. I grabbed this poster from the kiosk at The Globe, the 16th century replica theater still hosting Elizabethan and Jacobean plays. Shakespeare was of course an important figure in English Renaissance drama, but he is also noted for his contributions to the English language. Many, by now often cliche, metaphors came from Shakespeare’s work. How many of these expressions do you use?

Crucifix with rosary

I don’t write much on religion on here, mainly because I am not a religious person, but I was raised Catholic. I have had a crucifix hanging near my door for as long as I can remember and so I still have one hanging about. This particular one came from my parents’ house. They had it hanging over a door since forever but I got it after my parents started using the one that used to hang at my grandparents’ house. I got the rosary on a trip to Paris around 6 – 7 years ago when I used to go there frequently as I had a friend who lived there. One time we went to visit Sacre Coeur where I picked this up.

Double sided tea glass (Spiegelau)

One thing that you will always be able to find in my room, even though it’s not fixed, nor has it much sentimental value, is a glass to have some tea. This one in particular came in just this weekend. My mom is saving up for good quality glasses via her supermarket and when I saw these I just had to have a few. I received the first two this weekend and I have been loving them ever since. Anyone who knows me, will tell you that I love tea (it’s my favorite drink by far) and so I always keep a glass around just in case I feel like having a cuppa. Because it’s got this double layer going on it’s super easy as you can’t burn your hands on the glass. Love it!

What are your favorite items around your place? Leave a comment and let me know!

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