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I found this tag on youtube on this channel. It’s been a while since I did any of these, as I didn’t find any I like. I thought this one was kind of cool though, so here is a bit about me.


(I was looking for a pic to go with this post then came across this. How cute is that?)

Vital Stats:
Name – Maaike
Nicknames – mika, mai, mike, maaik, indiequeen84
Birthday – 6 July 1984
Place of Birth – Eindhoven
Star Sign – Cancer
Occupation – English teacher

Hair colour – I’d call it dirty blonde as it has all different kinds of blonde in different lighting. It sometimes even shows up with a reddish hue.
Hair length – longish. I’m letting it grow out as we speak. Want to have my hair another 10 – 15 centimeters longer than it is now.
Eye colour – dark hazel / brown. Depending on the lighting I have a hint of green in my eyes.
Best feature – my eyes and my legs. I have long legs for a short person!
Braces – yup, had them for nearly 5 years (from 12 – 17) and still have something stuck behind my teeth to keep everything in place.
Piercings – just my ears, but I wear 3 earrings in each ear. Used to be 4 though, but those got infected so I had to take them out.
Tattoos – no. But I still want one though. Am heavily contemplating on getting one done some time this year.
Righty of Lefty – I’m as right-handed as can be.

Best friend – Jannes! She’s been my best friend since high school. This year I will have known her for 12 years.
Award – a lip synching competition/ talent show when I was 7. I came in third place.
Sport – dance. It’s been my first love and it will be my last.
Real Holiday – by myself? New York City in 2004 when I was 19.
Concert – Michael Jackson in October 1996. I was only 12 years old, but it left an impression as I can still remember where we were sitting and I still have some snapshots in my head.

Film – Pfff Layer Cake and Into the Wild I guess. I’m not much of a movie buff.
TV Show – CSI (all three series), True Blood, Sherlock, Mad Men
Colour – Red (it always has been)
Song – several as it changes per week, but Marvin Gaye – Ain’t That Peculiar and Deep Purple’s Child in Time have been favorites for a long time.
Restaurant – favorite food is sushi so any sushi restaurant will do.
Store – H&M, Vero Moda, Only, Vila, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, ZARA, Monki, TopShop, Primark, Old Navy
Book – AM Homes – This Book Will Save Your Life, Steve Tolz – A Fraction of the Whole
Magazine – Glamour
Shoes – whatever suits my mood. Right now I’m into flats and sneakers.

Feeling – wired! I just got home from dance class and we had to do a disco routine. High energy! Still have to come down.
Single or Taken – notoriously single over here!
Eating – nothing, it’s past 11 PM
Listening to – the whirring noise of my laptop and noises coming in from the street.
Thinking about – how I have to get to bed in 5 minutes if I want to get up in time tomorrow.
Watching – my computer screen
Wearing – dance gear: baggy shirt, comfy pants

Want Children – not necessarily, only if I meet the right person
Want to be married – same as above.
Careers in mind – a PhD on social media and a job at the university and hopefully one day become a professor. Right now I’m just focusing on my next step to get to that goal.
Where do you want to live – UK, US (preferably SoCal or in the North East), possibly Australia, and good old Holland.

Do you believe in:
God – no
Miracles – maybe
Love at first sight – only because I’ve seen it happen to other people ๐Ÿ˜‰
Ghosts – nope
Aliens – maybe
Soul Mates – yes
Heaven – I believe in an afterlife but I don’t know whether that is heaven
Hell – same as for heaven
Kissing on the first date – sure
Yourself – lolz yes I do. If you don’t believe in yourself, who will?

I invite anyone who wants to do this tag to do it, either as a blog post or as a vlog. I look forward to reading your input.

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