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I never really do posts on my current favorites or monthly favorites, as there simply is no use. When I like something I like it and I don’t tend to change things up. What I do find myself doing is that I go through phases. Phases where you really like one particular thing so much that you cannot get enough of it. These phases usually last longer than one month though and it also takes a while for me to recognize that I’m going through a phase. I normally don’t notice until it’s already over. This time round though I have 5 things that I have been loving. If you’ve been following this space or my twitter/ facebook posts then you may have already noticed. Here are my current obsessions.

Button down shirts

My one fashion obsession this time round have been loose fitting button down shirts. I stood in front of my closet the other day and found out I have purchased over 10 button down shirts in the past 6 months or so. It all started with the sheer yellow one in the picture (from ASOS) and the last one I bought is the leopard print one (from H&M). I have already seen another one at ASOS that I loved, but I feel that by now I should try to hold back a little. Just well, because

Twinings Vintage Darjeeling tea

I love tea, that is no secret. I have blogged about it before so I’m sure this doesn’t come as a shock. However, this tea in particular is what’s caused me to drink liters more tea. I am not a big fan of black teas, but when I smelled this one in the Twinings store in London I was intrigued. It’s much more mellow and nutty than a regular Darjeeling and has much more ‘character’ to it. If teas, like wine, becomes better with age, then this is definitely a good example of it.

Tim Christensen & the Damn Crystals

A bit of music could of course not be left out as well. One dreary Saturday morning, after hitting up the gym, I stepped into my local record store and this CD was playing. I was immediately intrigued, found out which album it was that was playing and immediately when home to try and find a stream, a download, anything. Found it, loved it, played it all the time, bought the CD, bought a ticket to see them live and I haven’t stopped listening to it since. My favorite is the opening track as well as a track called Love & Water.

Crime Scene Investigation

Obsessed doesn’t even begin to describe my love for the original CSI series. A few weeks ago I pretty much had gone through all new episodes of my favorite series. I had rewatched my favorite movies and was just stuck for something good to watch. New series to TV series have not finished yet and I getting my hands on every single episode separately. So then I decided to rewatch series 1 – 11 of the original CSI series. It is my favorite one of the three. I am now half way through season 7.

MAC Pink Plaid, Topshop Confession, NARS Shrinagar, MAC lip erase in Dim.

Lipstick (swatches)

My last obsession would be lipstick. Ever since big, thick scarves stopped being a must in this country I have taken to wearing lipstick a whole lot more. I bought some MAC lip erase in London and have been loving that stuff. It instantly makes so many lipsticks prettier and easier to wear. The shades in the picture are my current favorite shades to wear: a pink, a (bright) coral and a purple.

What are your current obsessions?

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    • Haha I think you should never go to Japan. You’d die from all the cute things they have. And uh could you invite me to Pinterest? I want to check it out!

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