Favorite nude nail polishes

Neutral colored nail polishes are important to keep as a staple in your collection. Brights and darks are fun, but you can never go wrong with a nude color. Whether it’s a shoe, shirt or other basics: having at least some neutral shades in your wardrobe and accessories will make your life so much easier. But finding the right neutral shade for you can be difficult. The past few weeks I have been going to job interviews and when doing those I don’t like showing up wearing a bunch of bright colors with polkadot patterns on my nails. I go for something neutral instead.

I picked colors from two different categories: grays and pinks. Depending on what you look you want to go for, you can go for neutral gray color with brown undertones or a pink color which is transparent or close to your skin tone. Both can work depending on what you want to achieve. I find that all of them give a clean look, but some of these barely show on your nails, whereas others are more noticeable and make a neutral nail with a twist. I picked 3 gray polishes and 3 pink ones including swatches. Enjoy and share your favorite in a comment below!

Round 1: grays

Ciaté Cookies & Cream, Catrice Clay-ton My Hero, Diamond Cosmetics Taupe Shimmer

Cookies and Cream screams sophisticated. It is the perfect gray neutral to go with my skin color. I also like using this as a base coat for nail creations as it is a perfect blank canvas color. Clay-ton My Hero is darker and more out there so this fits if you’re going for something edgy. Taupe shimmer is a gray with some purple mixed in and the slightest amount of shimmer. It’s a classy color that give you just a bit of color

Round 2: Pinks

Bourjois So Laque Rose Lounge, Essie Topless and Barefoot, OPI Over the Taupe

The Bourjois polish is the perfect polish for a french manicure. It totally gives you that ‘my nails but better’ look. I use this mostly when I am too lazy to really do my nails. It’s also the only polish I ever had to repurchase as I finished the bottle. It used to be my go to polish for more than a year. Topless & Barefoot is the perfect neutral pinky brown. Perfect for very neutral looking nails with a bit more oomph to it, as it is completely opaque in two layers. Over the Taupe is the darkest color. It’s more of a brown with a pinky/ purple hue to it. Again perfect if you want to go neutral with a bit more edge.

Swatches: 13 Essie Topless & Barefoot, 14 Ciaté Cookies and Cream, 15 Diamond Cosmetics Taupe Shimmer, 16 OPI Over the Taupe

Swatch: 20 Catrice Clay-ton My Hero

Swatch: 7. Bourjois Rose Lounge

Since the swatch on the nail wheel definitely does not show you what the polish looks like when you wear it. So that’s why I added this picture. Here you can see why I actually wear nail polish. If I don’t my nails would be 1000x worse. They break, rip, tear and chip like there is no tomorrow. And this is my good hand. You don’t want to see my right hand, which looks even more banged up than this one. That’s what years of nail biting will do for you.

What are your favorite neutral nail polishes?

8 responses to “Favorite nude nail polishes”

  1. Hi there, enjoyed reading your post. I came across it when looking for Bourjois Rose Lounge, which you show above as being #7 on the wheel. I like the colours on either side of Rose Lounge as well, so #6 and #8. Can you tell me which brands and colours #6 and #8 are?

    • Hi. Thanks for commenting. Unfortunately I cannot answer your question as I reorganized and purged my nail polish collection since this blog post and I no longer have that information available.

      • Oh well, thanks anyways. I bought Bourjois Rose Lounge tonight and put it on for the first time. Usually pale colours are streaky, but this one is not. Love it!

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