NOTW: Million Dollar Green

I thought this is a very spring like nail look. It definitely reminds me of sunrays hitting the green grass of a park. So perfect for this time of year. My nails have been pretty banged up lately. I cannot seem to let them grow out and they break like there is not tomorrow. I do have to say that my being busy led me to not have much proper time for nail care, so I hope that as of right now I can take care of them again so will become longer and healthier again. Anywho: without further ado I present to you this weeks nail look.

Doesn’t this just make you happy straight away! I’m so glad the sun came out and I felt inspired. Products used:

– Etos Nail Strengthener in very strong as base coat

– OPI Green-which Village

– Catrice Million Styles Top Coat in Million Dollar Baby

– INM Out the Door Fast Drying Top Coat

Here are some more pictures and a close up!


What are you wearing on your nails today?

9 responses to “NOTW: Million Dollar Green”

  1. Toffe combinatie! Mijn nagels zijn momenteel vrij lang, en dan show ik ze graag door alleen een topcoat met fijne glitters te dragen. Zo blijven mijn nagels sterk en zien ze er op een natuurlijke manier toch feestelijk uit 😉 Deze groene kleur is super gaaf, en je hebt het leuk gecombineerd zo! (heb je liever comments in het Engels?)

  2. My nails are bare at the moment. They really needed a rest. I won’t be painting them again until I get some more polish remover because I’m running out.

  3. […] Catrice has always done different top coats and I remember people went crazy for the Million Styles top coat limited edition a few years ago. They brought back a few of these polishes to their permanent line for a while, but they seem to have disappeared again. Million Dollar Baby with its mix of both silver and gold glitter has been one of my all time favorite top coats. I am wearing it here. […]

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