SOTD: Marcus Foster – Shadows of the City

I have been playing this song over and over for the past few weeks. Every single time I hear it I want to burst out in song. I love how it starts all quiet and melancholy and just swells to this amazing song. I managed to find the official video as well as too amazing live performances. One literally on the streets of London and another in some yard of sorts. Both times it’s just him and his guitar. I haven’t decided yet which I like better: the album version of one of these stripped down ones… Which is yours?

Official Video:

On the streets in front of Rough Trade West for Record Store Day:

Outside in some yard of sorts:

What can I say? Boy can sing. And the best part yet: I’ll be seeing him live in June when he hits up Paradiso. Ha! I hope you enjoyed, let me know what you thought in a comment below.

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