OOTD: Black & Blue

The other day I went shopping so I needed an outfit that would be both comfortable and handy for trying on clothes etc. It was also a pretty dreary looking day so I went with items that would not only be practical but that would also keep me warm enough. By the end of the day it became sweltering though so I was happy to be wearing a jacket with the outfit which I could easily take off and prevent from getting to warm. It’s a very simple outfit, but since the pants are so bright and the jacket has some cool details and is very textured and has some fun details I thought it worked. Here’s what I wore:

What I’m wearing:

– Black woolen uniform style jacket (Only)

– Blue skin tight pants (Forever 21)

– Black low cowboy boots (Divino)

Like I said: it’s a very simple outfit, but it’s practical and fun at the same time. The blue pants were featured in my last shopping haul post as I bought them at Forever 21 in Antwerp. They are super comfortable as they are made of this stretchy material that just molds itself to your body. It’s therefore super tight. The fabric is a bit thick too so it is also good for keeping you warm. The jacket I bought on sale I think 2 years ago at Only. It’s made out of wool and so it’s very warm and also quite heavy but it’s perfect for the transitional weather we’ve been having. I wore a t-shirt underneath so it would be handier with trying things on.

Close up of the pants and the boots

The boots I bought from the now discontinued store Divino. Again I’ve had these for ages! They are very comfortable though and I wear them often. They are also practical as you can easily slip them on and you’re out the door in a jiffy.

Front of jacket

Here’s the front of the jacket. It’s very simple with just these antique style buttons that go down the front in a double row. Half of them are fake buttons, the other half are used to close up the jacket.

Detail on button

As you can tell the pictures aren’t the best quality as I didn’t have the best lighting that day, but you still get the idea I think. Also no face of the day because I opted out of wearing make up that day. It was just one of those days. I will compensate though and have just a face of the day up some time soon.

Quite something different from the ditsy polka dot dress I showed last week don’t you think?

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  1. Je hebt een cameltoe in deze broek, meid. Je had beter een grotere maat kunnen nemen,

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