Accessories haul: Forever 21 & Ebay

It’s time for a different type of haul. It is a fashion haul, but not one with clothes. Currently I am still on a ‘short necklaces’/ choker kick and when I found a couple of cool ones on Forever 21’s website I just had to have them. Then I also found a few bits and pieces on Ebay. I had never before ordered any accessories from there so I was curious to see how that would turn out. Especially because some of the pieces cost me 1 dollar including shipping! Curious to see what I’m talking about and what 1 dollar can buy? Then keep on reading.

Tribal print cuff bracelet (Forever 21)

The only bracelet in the bunch. I have a love for chunky bracelets. Bangles, cuffs and wristlets are my go to form for bracelets. When I saw this I immediately loved it. The simple geometric tribal print gives is a bit of edge which to me was very appealing.

Pyramid studs in antique gold and dark gray (Forever 21)

I have been looking for some cool studs for a while. I have been buying tons of dangling earrings but no studs. And since I like wearing studs when I wear my hair up, I thought it would be handy to have more than the ones I inherited from my grandma. I have been wearing these non-stop.

Long gold and mint dangling earrings (Forever 21)

How amazing are these? Just look at the details on them!

I love the mint and gold. I’m not one for gold jewelry. It looks tacky on me very quickly. However, when it’s this antiqued/ rubbed gold look than it somehow does work on me. The fringe on these goes well past my shoulders and they are heavy as hell. Will have to wear them in an OOTD sometime soon.

Bronze colored spike ring (Ebay)

Another item on my wishlist was a spike ring. But ordinary spike rings are just… I don’t know… too spiky for me I guess. This one is still very spiky (it truly is a potential lethal weapon) but it is not at the same time.

Bronze colored claw ring (Ebay)

Bulky statement rings are still part of my mojo. I bought a bunch over autumn, but most of those are now too big as I lost some weight and my fingers have shrunk (just like the rest of me). This again is quite punky looking, but I still really like it. I would love to repurchase this one and the ring above in silver too.

Bronze belt ring (Ebay)

The only product I’m disappointed in as it is nothing like the picture shown on Ebay. At only 1 dollar I can hardly call this a rip off though. So I will probably wear it once, than throw it away or something. It just looks dinky.

Gold choker necklace with rings (Forever 21)

Yay short necklace galore! Isn’t this just the coolest little necklace? I love how all these rings twist together. There’s a lot of metal involved which also makes it heavy, but sturdy at the same time. Again, this gold necklace has that tarnished antiqued look instead of it being just gold. Detail:

Silver tribal triangle & spike short necklace (Forever 21)

This necklace is slightly longer than the one above. I love spikes on necklaces. I already own a necklace with all different types of spikes on it, which I bought in Topshop in February. This one combines two trends: tribal print and spikes. Below you can see a better picture of the details on this necklace:

The final two necklaces I’m about to show you came from Ebay and only cost around 1 dollar each, including shipping. For that kind of money I really wasn’t expecting much, especially after receiving one of the rings above which looked nothing like the actual picture shown on Ebay. However, these two necklaces had me pleasantly surprised.

Long brass colored necklace with dragonfly pendant (Ebay)

Just type in dragon fly necklace on Ebay and you will get a bunch of hits. Apparently these necklaces are quite hip and happening on Tumblr so everybody wants one. I decided to go with just a dragonfly pendant. You also have ones that have other pendants on them, but that’s not what I was going for. The chain is pretty long, but I think the dragonfly is cute. Again at around 1 dollar for a necklace this really isn’t bad:

Brass carved out owl necklace (Ebay)

How cute is this little owl? This only cost 1 dollar and it took nearly 2 weeks to get here, but hey at that price who cares right?!

Shopping for accessories on Ebay was a bit of an adventure I’d have to say. There is a lot of jewelry on offer on there and it’s hard to find something you like when you just want to browse. Since most of it is produced in China, the jewelry section is also filled to the brim with tacky looking Chinese jewelry and so much on there doesn’t even look half decent. My advice is to use the search function to search for something you want. Such as spiked jewelry or whatever. That way you can find seller that are worth checking out and you can also browse among their other items to see what’s on offer.

Have you ever bought any jewelry on Ebay? What is your experience?

14 responses to “Accessories haul: Forever 21 & Ebay”

  1. echt serieus, je praat echt alleen maar over je eigen in andere blogss je bent facking lelijk dus stop hier mee !! en je hebt een lijke foto echt serieus….

    • Volgens mij mag ik dat altijd nog zelf bepalen. Jij hoeft mijn blog niet te lezen. Als je dr niks aan vindt ga je toch lekker ergens anders naar toe?

  2. Wat ben jij zielig hoi? En dan nog de moeite nemen om te reageren ook… Het ís toch ook Maaike dr eigen blog dus LOGISCH dat ze over dr eigen dingen praat?!

    Ik zou btw het bericht gewoon verwijderen maaik…

  3. Hmmmm…. het typische voorbeeld van de ‘reaguurder’? Een spellingscursusje kan zo te zien ook geen kwaad. Overigens is het het typische inhoudsloze M-2/3 toontje. Elke reactie daarop is ‘wasted effort’. En om een en ander meer weer eens in perspectief te zetten de aloude Griekse wijsheid ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’. Door ‘good ‘ol Bill S.’ nog eens afgestoft in 1588 in het werkje Love’s Labours Lost Shakespeare expressed a similar sentiment in Love’s Labours Lost, 1588:
    Good Lord Boyet, my beauty, though but mean,
    Needs not the painted flourish of your praise:
    Beauty is bought by judgement of the eye,
    Not utter’d by base sale of chapmen’s tongues
    Regelrecht blokkeren die anonieme ‘hoi-portret’ en anders ritueel onderste boven naast de deur nagelen. Then again: kieper ‘m maar over de Burchtheuvel, anders moet je er nog tegenaan kijken ook.

    • P.S. Excuses voor de tikfouten mijnerzijds, maar na drie weken examens nakijken van mavo tot vwo ben ik
      1)overspoeld door slecht Nederlands, zodat het me verbaast dat ik nog twee woorden recht achter elkaar krijg
      2)lijken de strepen onder mijn ogen de kleur van vuilniszakken aan te nemen. Ik ben hard toe aan een weekend uitslapen.
      C u s-day!

  4. Like i said before, lekker laten gaan, het zijn alleen maar vage reacties van iemand die jaloers is en waar je niets mee kan. Ik vind je blog super leuk om te lezen altijd! Keep up the good work! 😀

    • Ja Ebay is dus een accessoire hemel. En het kost echt helemaal niks. Ben wel benieuwd hoe lang het mooi blijft en of het niet snel stuk zal gaan. But we’ll see.

  5. Libelle en uiltje zijn echt leuk! Spiked ring ook, en de studs. Benieuwd hoe ze je staan 😀

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