NOTW: European Championship & budget proof nail look

By now, the European championships (soccer) are well under way, and the Dutch team could use some more support. That is why this week my nails will be sporting our national colors in the hopes that they actually do better from now on. The match against Denmark was dramatic at least. So here’s hoping that things will go better against Germany and Portugal. To top things off, I have used nail polishes which are all budget proof too. I present to you: my budget proof European Championship ready nail look:

I decided to just use a few creamy base colors, representing our national colors, and add some different topcoats to make it a bit more interesting. Now, I hear you think: but the Dutch flag is red-white-blue isn’t it? Well my right hand is painted in the mirror image, so that I and anyone looking at my hands still get the right order one way or another.

Products used:

– Etos nail hardener extra strong as base coat

– orange: Bourjois So Laque in Tangerine Fatal, topcoat: Catrice Miss Money Penny

– red: Bourjois So Laque in Rouge Escarpin, topcoat: Etos Effect Nails

– white: Sephora Coco, topcoat: Catrice Godfather of Pearl

– blue: Essence Walk on Air, topcoat: Catrice Return of the Space Cowboy

– INM out the door fast drying top coat.

Better look at the colors

See, the colors are in the right order.

And lastly, here are some close ups to show you the full effect:

My nails got pretty busted last week so it will take some time again until they recover. So excuse the bumps and frays here and there, but my nails are very soft so when I stub my nail, it automatically rips apart leaving me with a big mess.

Are your nails European Championship proof?

6 responses to “NOTW: European Championship & budget proof nail look”

  1. I’m sick of seeing the british/england flag over here so will not be putting it on my nails. Football, Olympics, jubilee… arrrrrrrrrrgh!

    • Oh yeah I can imagine the overkill. Luckily for me, we may be done by the end of the week. I can live with national colors on my nails for a week or 2. I can’t imagining doing it for 3 months 😉

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