Current obsessions (June 2012)

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Just the other day I realized that there are definitely a few things again that I have been loving these past couple of weeks. So I figured it would make a nice post. There’s a bit of everything: some music, some beauty, some food, some fashion and some media related things. in total there’s 10 things. That is why I think this post pretty much caters to everyone who reads my blog. Let’s get started

1.) Ben Howard covers Call Me Maybe.

In case you follow me on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, then I’m sure you’ve already heard me rave about this video. Man, this song instantly made its way onto my favorites list. I’m obsessed and have been playing this on repeat ever since I heard it.

2.) Fruit, fruit salad and fruit smoothies

Yep, summer is almost here, meaning FRUIT! I have been obsessed with eating fruit these past few weeks. It all started at a BBQ with friends, where I was supposed to take care of the dessert. Feeling uninspired because of the super hot weather I decided to keep things simple and go with a fruit salad. So now, every time I have a day off I find myself taking some random pieces of fruit I have lying about and make it into a salad. I even already made my first peach/ banana smoothie of the year AND I just ate my first melon again too. Me <3 summer fruit!

3.) Wearing heels

Another thing I have been doing a lot lately is wearing heels. I think I’ve been wearing heels pretty much every time I had to go to work these past few weeks. Because of the temperatures being slightly higher I have found myself wearing more skirts, shorts and dresses and those simply look best with a pair of heels to match. Still have to come up with the perfect outfit for these babies though.

3.) Dates

No no no, not dates as in going on a date, I’m talking about the sweet, sticky and delectable fruit. I found these again on the market and they are so yummy. They are my new preferred snack. They are pretty healthy too I read. Dates contain many fibers, vitamins and minerals, but also sugars. So you shouldn’t eat too many but then again they are too delicious to put down.

4.) Nail polish top coats

Anyone reading this blog knows that I’ve been digging top coats lately. Ever since I bought the Catrice top coats from the Million Styles collection, I’ve been wanting to use all of them. Preferably at the same time. I haven’t even bought any actual nail polish lately, just top coats. I just love how they can change your entire nail look with just one extra layer of polish.

5.) Watching make up collections on youtube

Do you find yourself going through phases of watching certain youtube videos? I already went through a DIY phase, a thrift haul phase, make up tutorial phase, language phase, comedian phase, Stephen Fry phase, Eddie Izzard phase, and even a shit girls say phase. My current phase is that of watching make up collections. And I thought I have a lot of make up…

6.) Black boots

Remember these? Well, I have been loving these to death. They are so versatile! I have been wearing them with pants, treggings, dresses, skirts, well everything really. I am so glad I got them. They really were worth the money. Plus they are cool to boot.

7.) Yunnan tea by Twinings

My new tea obsession. I am not one for black tea, but oh my geez! This is so good. It says it’s mellow and nutty on the packaging and that’s exactly how I would describe this flavor. It has that tinge black tea gives you, but it also has a smooth, warm and round edge to it. Lots of flavor and when you leave the tea bag in for too long (which I generally do) it because a bit woodsy.

8.) BB cream

That’s right. I bought myself my very first, REAL, Asian BB cream. Not the Garnier one, which really just is a tinted moisturizer with a fancy name, no a real, actual BB cream. I am still in the testing phase right now, but so far I’m loving it. Will do a review on it once I feel I’ve used it enough to form an opinion.

9.) Manhattan Time Lapse video

This you should just watch. No commentary needed. All I can say is: I’m glad to be going back in less than 6 weeks!

10.)  This picture of Rob Pattinson

There is no one who does promotions better than Rob Pattinson. Looking exceptionally crappy in his spare time, he somehow manages (with the help of some Gucci suits and a fantabulous stylist) to look great at red carpet events. This picture truly is RPattz at his finest: the scruff, the semi-tousled hair, the half smirk, the suit. *sigh* Or as the ladies at Robsessed would say: Gorgeous man is gorgeous.

Picture credits:, twinings website, bb cream, Robsessed

What are your current obsessions?

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