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Let’s have another look at my make up collection. Today features the category that interests me the least. Face products just aren’t something that you need a ton of. Once you have the right color, you have the right color and you can just stick to that. I watch these make up collections on youtube and always wonder: why have 10 different foundations? I just don’t get the point. I don’t even own foundation anymore as I threw all of them out as I wasn’t using them anyway. These are the face products that currently reside in my stash.


I use bronzer every day. I am so pale that even in winter I can use some subtle color to give me a healthier look. These are the bronzers I own:

– Sephora sun disk bronzing powder in 01 light

– Bourjois Poudre Clubbing gold bronzing powder

– L’Oreal Glam Bronze Sun Radiance Trio Blondes

– NARS Laguna bronzer

– Too Faced Bronzer in Snow Bunny

– Benefit One Hot Minute face powder

– Bourjois Délice de Poudre bronzing powder in peaux mates/ hâlées 52

My go to bronzers are the Sephora Sun Disk and NARS Laguna ones. Both are matte and great for light skin tones. The two Bourjois powders I’ve had for years. They were my first bronzers and thus way too dark and I don’t really use them anymore, but I just can’t get myself to throw them away. They still smell and look okay, so I’m sure they haven’t expired yet. The Benefit bronzer is my on the go one, even though it’s a loose powder. It comes with a brush and is very compact. Here are the swatches:

Sephora Sun Disk, NARS Laguna, Benefit One Hot Minute, Bourjois Poudre Clubbing, L’Oreal Glam Bronze, Too Faced Snow Bunny, Bourjois Délice de Poudre


Highlighter is an optional product for me. I definitely don’t use this every day. I usually only use it in summer. My favorite out of the bunch is the one in the right hand bottom corner.


– ME ME ME Shimmy Shimmers in gold shimmer

– Catrice highlighting powder in Fairy Dust (LE Enter Wonderland collection)

– Sephora highlighting compact powder in pink

– Too Faced Absolutely Invisible  softly illumination transparent powder in Candlelight

–  Famous by Sue Moxley Baked Bronze in Bronze Pot Shade 1 – Miami

As I already said, the Famous by Sue Moxley baked bronze is my favorite highlight to use. It’s very subtle and according to youtube’s Gossmakeupartist it’s a dupe for MAC’s soft & gentle Mineralized Skin Finish. And also the ME ME ME Shimmy Shimmers is apparently a dupe for Bobby Brown’s Shimmer Brick. The Too Face powder is very pretty, yet very subtle as you will see on the swatches.

ME ME ME Shimmy Shimmers, Catrice highlighting powder, Sephora compact powder, Too Faced Candlelight, Famous by Sue Moxley Baked Bronze

Primer, concealer and face powder:

As you will see on the picture below, I don’t have many other remaining face products. These are all shades that I can work with, that don’t break me out and that I enjoy using. Why keep more when you don’t use it anyway right?


– Garnier BB Cream in Light. See my review in this post.

– Sephora primer

– MAC Select MoistureCover concealer in NW20

– MAC Studio Sculpt concealer in NW15

– Benefit Lemon Aid concealer

– Benefit Erase Paste in fair

– MAC Mineralized Skin Finish Natural in medium

– Benefit Hello Flawless custom powder cover up in honey

My most used products are definitely the MAC ones and the BB cream. All throughout winter, I wore the BB cream as a base, deleted the redness in my face with the Studio Sculpt concealer and finished it off with my Mineralized skin finish. I now have a different BB cream (by Missha, review to come), and a concealer more apt for summer (MAC Moisturecover in a shade darker). The Benefit powder is great for on the go as well. It comes with a sponge (for coverage) and a brush (for evening out your skin) so it is multifunctional. The other two Benefit products have been well loved in the past, but I have since moved on to different products. I have yet to try the primer. Here are the swatches:

Garnier BB Cream, MAC Select MoistureCover, MAC Mineralized Skin Finish Natural, Benefit Hello Flawless, Benefit Erase Paste, MAC Studio Sculpt, Benefit Lemon Aid

As you can see: not that many products. Like I said, I just stick to what works and don’t venture out much. The products that I don’t use anymore, I stopped using because I found something that works better for me. I either found a better shade (bronzer), a better consistency (concealer) or a product that simply works better all together (I replaced my Lemon Aid with the Garnier caffeine roller). I still use them from time to time though so that’s why they are still here.

That’s it. What are your favorite face products?

4 responses to “Make Up Collection: Face Products”

  1. Ik heb ook bijna geen faceproducts; 2 foundations (1 voor de winter, 1 voor de zomer + een getinte dagcreme), 1 poeder (heb een droge huid dus gebruik het alleen om te setten) 2 concealers (1 huidskleurige en 1 groene voor rode vlekjes), 2 primers (1 met met spf en 1 zonder spf), 1 bronzer (gebruik het niet zo heel en degene die ik heb is prima), 2 highlighters (1 poeder, 1 vloeibare) en ik heb nog een all over shimmer powder die je kan gebruiken voor zowel highlighter, bronzer, blush en zelfs als oogschaduw.

    Foundation, primer, concealer en poeder vind ik saaie producten. Ik ben tevreden met de producten die ik heb, ze doen hun werk thats it. Bronzer en highlighter zijn voor mij extra producten als ik wat meer tijd heb, ik vergeet deze vaak ‘s ochtends vroeg.

    Blush, lipsticks, lipgloss, oogschaduws en nagellak heb ik wel behoorlijk wat van, just love that stuff!

    • Ha een like minded soul. Ik ben ook meer van de funstuff idd. Face products zijn saai! Waarom 20 foundations hebben als je er toch maar eentje fijn vindt?

      • Ja echt! Ik ben iedere keer weer verbaasd als ik collection vids zit te kijken over de hoeveelheid producten die mensen hebben, 20 foundations die allemaal te donker zijn, 7 primers waarvan ze er 5 niet fijn vinden, 1000 tinten bruine oogschaduw…..ik snap het als je visagiste oid ben, maar anders?…..Ik heb soms een beetje het gevoel dat het meer om het kopen gaat dan het echt gebruiken, maarja

        Ik vind dat ik nu al veel heb en ik ruim zeker 2x per jaar mn hele collectie uit en gooi/geef weg wat ik niet gebruik. Ik ben toevallig bezig met een nieuw opgemaakt artikel en de helft bestaat uit make up die ik weggooi haha.

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