What & how I pack

Since this time round I’ll be gone for more than a few days, I have to pack more. Having to pack more means having to be clever about what you take and how you pack it. That is why I thought it would be a good idea to share some tips on how I prepare for travel.

1.) Gather your papers

Once it’s time to go on the trip, I first print all of my papers, reservations and any other slip of paper I might need while on the road. I also make an itinerary of all flights, hotels or anything else that requires knowing when, where & how. That way I have the complete overview in one go. I put all of the info in a binder so I can’t lose anything. It also provides a handy place to keep receipts and other bits & pieces I may want to keep.

Last thing to pack: information binder

2.) Make a list

I also write up a packing list beforehand. I usually start this a few days ahead of time so I can’t forget anything. I even list the mundane stuff, because that is what I tend to forget when I don’t write it down. Since I visit cities mostly, forgetting things isn’t always a bad thing, as I have plenty of stores near me at my destination to buy whatever I may need.

3.) Lay everything out

Another thing I do is take out everything before I put everything in my suitcase. That way I can have an overview and check off my list as I go along. I can make sets of clothing, count whether I have enough of everything and double check.

Hand luggage… books, passport, information and some products to use while on the plane

Clothes, bags & shoes

Make up

I keep my liquids in a plastic toiletries bag. This way nothing can leak into my bag. These are mostly minis as well: shampoo, conditioner and the like

Other bag with toiletries: medicine, skin care and other practical things

4.) Pack your suitcase

The last thing I do is pack everything up. I try to keep things together in my bags as much as I can. I keep my shoes together and put all small things such as power chords and belts in a pouch on the side of my bag. Here’s what that looks like:

Make up bags…

Big suitcase…

Hand luggage.

I took this bag as hand luggage as it can easily be turned into checked luggage.

Just a quick overview of what and how I pack my things for a few weeks of travel. Tomorrow’s blog will feature the first actual post about my trip.

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