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By now you will know that I like my indie music. Well, I found a new spot to find even more indie goodness.


I have been liking indie playlists for years and I’ve been listening to the same playlist every month for nearly 3 years. By now, I felt that the songs were getting a bit same old, same old. So when I stumbled across a new playlist that has some overlap but also some great other music on it, I was instantly hooked.

The playlist features mostly indie music, but also some more mainstream stuff. The best part is that this playlist is set up as a mixtape, with an A & B side and sometimes also a C side. The playlist is called Did You Hear the New Mixtape.

Did You Hear the New Mixtape is released every month around half way through and is compiled partly from user suggestions. Apart from the playlist, the website also features music videos, new songs and downloadable MP3s.

So have a look at the website and let me know what you think!

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