Toronto Day 5: Centre Island

My final day in Toronto. The weather promised to be nice and so I wanted to enjoy that rather than walking around again. I had not yet checked out Centre Island and this would also give me a great view of the Toronto skyline. So after taking it easy in the morning and getting some great tips on what to do when I’m in NYC over breakfast I went to Loblaws one last time. I bought some fruit and snacks for a picknick, packed a towel and set out for the Ferry terminal on the harbourfront to go to the Toronto Islands.

Centre Island

The Toronto Islands are actually one big city park, but instead of in the heart of the city, it’s on an island. There’s picknick places, trees, sports facilities, beaches and even a small amusement park. I thought there wouldn’t be many facilities but there are plenty of restrooms, cafes and other food places around to keep you satisfied. You are also allowed to bring your own and I saw entire families who brought a barbeque and pans full of food.

Centre Island view

Beach & Lake Ontario

Lighthouse – the oldest stone structure in Toronto

I walked to the first tree in the shade and had my little picknick, read for a bit, got up, walked a bit and sat underneath a tree again. That’s what I did for the rest of the afternoon until I had walked until the other end of the island to Hanlan’s Point to take a ferry back to the city and grab something to eat. On the trip back I was treated to the most amazing view of the Toronto skyline and later to the most delicious sushi I have had in years.

Toronto skyline w/ CN Tower

Dinner: sushi, fresh made at Daio on Carlton Street

And that’s it for Toronto. Tomorrow I’m setting out for Boston. That will be a completely different beat. Toronto is what you’d get if you’d put NYC and London in a blender and mix it together. It is a North American city but with a bit of the history of London mixed into it. So I’m curious what Boston will bring. See you on the other side!

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