Boston Day 1: Travel & Hotel

It was time to leave Toronto and exchange it for Boston. I was curious to see what Boston would bring. I ended up not being able to do everything I wanted to do while in Toronto, which is a bummer, but that’s what happens. I really wanted to walk some ravines, but it was so hot and I couldn’t find any good information about it as the visitor’s center had no information on it. That’s why I decided to leave it and changed my plans.

My flight was uneventful. I got to the airport on time and arrived in Boston around 1 PM. My hotel is situated in the Back Bay area, one of the fanciest and most expensive parts of town. The hotel is 5 mins away from Prudential Shopping Center and a 24/7 supermarket. Since my hotel room is a studio apartment with a full kitchen I can now prepare my own food and it’s almost as if I am at home.

Front of my hotel: Copley House

Hotel room

After arriving at the hotel I set out to explore the shopping mall and get some groceries. I stopped at Cheesecake Factory for some dessert and had the most delicious cheesecake I ever had. The rest of the night I just chilled in my room and watched some TV as I knew that the next day would bring a lot of walking and my feet were still kinda sore from all the walking I did in Toronto and I was tired from traveling. So a bit uneventful but there is definitely more to come in the next few days. Tomorrow I plan on walking most of the Freedom Trail.

What are you up to?

Cheesecake with pecan caramel turtle and chocolate

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