Current Favorite Songs (August 2012)

Song time! Here are my 10 favorite songs of the past month. I’ve been digging tons of new tunes, but also some not so new ones. I guess the mix is getting more eclectic by the month. Hope you enjoyed the music and leave a comment below with your current faves!

Alt-J – Mathilda

I already liked this song, but ever since I saw these guys live at Pukkelpop I’ve been listening to this song non stop. It’s a kind of folky pop music with an electronic twist. Sorry that’s the best I can do for a description.

Frank Sinatra – I’ve Got You Under My Skin

Ah good ole blue eyes. I love me some Frank Sinatra and this is by far my favorite song by him. This came on while riding my bike through some late summer afternoon glow after a pleasant day at my new job. And I realized what I lucky and happy person I am. Life can sometimes be that simple.

Dragonette – Rocket Ship

Happy song time! I just smile whenever I hear this. It’s one of those ‘I want to dance around and sing-a-long’ type songs. Poppy in the style of Little Boots with a hint of Santigold.

DIIV – Doused

One of those songs that just comes on, but strikes you nonetheless. It’s guitars, a bit dark and dreamy with a hint of the 80s. Me likey.

The Constellations – Perfect Day

I’m just a sucker for catchy tunes and that’s what this is. Guitar driven power track with a dark edge to it. No wonder it was used on the Vampire Diaries soundtrack.

Stealing Sheep – Shut Eye

Folky pop songs with a hint of electro. Hmm… maybe it’s a theme for this months music?

Boy & Bear – The Village

Catchy sing-a-long folky tune. It’s hella short too, but it makes me smile. I like the rest of their album too and it’s on my ‘to buy’ list.

Harlan – Dancing on the Bed

Who said hipsters were uncool? Happy indiepop track that again makes you want to dance around your room.

Tom Day – Echoes

Now for something completely different: atmospheric/ ambient almost soundtrack like music, but with an elektro break beat twist to it near the end. Soothing!

Glowbug – Heatwave

Elektro indie track that just makes me want to jiggle or bop something. Again: a happy song. Hmmm… another theme. lolz.

7 responses to “Current Favorite Songs (August 2012)”

  1. Thanks again!
    Another great post and definitely some songs that will be on my playlist!
    My favs: tom day and glowbug 🙂

  2. Ik ben je blog vooral gaan volgen vanwege je muzieksmaak… en inderdaad: allemaal toffe nummers weer! Thanks for sharing!

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