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Over the past few months I gathered quite a few gift vouchers and I as you may remember from Tuesday’s post, I decided to spend them these past few weeks. I also put in an order with H&M to order some of the items of my fall 2012 wishlist (click here to read that post) and together they make a great combination for a shoplog post.

Off white semi-sheer button down shirt

In my original wishlist I featured the gray version of this shirt. But when I saw the off white version hanging in stores, I knew that this would make a great white shirt. I love the quarter length sleeves and the massives pockets. It’s not baggy, but more of a fitting blouse, which with a shirt like this adds a bit of class.

Black wedge heel chelsea boots

I explained in my previous post that I had been looking for a pair of shoes like this since last year. When I first got these, they were too small. So I sent them back and ordered them again in a bigger size. And they fit. They are fairly comfortable. I felt they needed a bit of breaking in at first, but after walking around in them for a full day these shoes fits like gloves.

Aubergine/ egg plant colored bag

This purple bag caught my eye while quickly browsing through the store last Saturday afternoon. I love the color (how fall!) and I also really like the shape of this bag. It’s isn’t a very big bag, but it isn’t too small either. It could still fit a magazine or book, lunch etc. Think this will be a great bag for work.

Beige knit cardigan with metallic thread

I didn’t have a beige cardigan yet and I think it’s a nice staple to have, so when I spotted this I thought it would look nice. The only thing I worried about before getting it was the fact that the website said it had metallic thread running through it, but I couldn’t see anything like that on the picture. So when I got this I was pleasantly surprised. In the picture above you cannot see the metallic thread at all, but as you can see in the close up below, it is most definitely there. It’s only a light sheen and not: METALLIC THREAD. Me likes. I do have to say that this runs quite baggy (this is a size M), so size down for a more fitted cardigan.

Close up of metallic thread

Navy corduroy skinny pants

AAAH! Finally. I had been on the look out for one of these last year as well, but couldn’t find them. Now H&M sells them for only 19.95. I love the color. Love the fit and the corduroy makes it nice and soft as well. I know corduroy isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I love it. But only when it’s blue or gray (for some odd reason). This also comes in burgundy and mustard but to be honest those didn’t look very appealing to me.

The Body Shop: Aloë Vera Facial Cleanser & Night Cream and Mango Body Butter

I was gifted a voucher by my housemate for letting her used my washing machine to do her laundry these past few years. I was in desperate need for some items as I was running out of them. I just love the Aloë skincare line by TBS. I own pretty much the entire range. And TBS Body Butter is a holy grail product come the colder days of winter. Gotta keep that skin moisturized!

Rituals home scent sticks in Lotus Secret

I was so curious to try these. I am a bit apprehensive when it comes to home scents because when the scent is too strong, it will cause an allergic reaction and I can’t breathe. Scented candles and incense sticks have had that effect on me. The problem for me is that I sleep in the same room I live in and that isn’t all that pleasant with heavy scent floating around. Fortunately these Lotus Secret home scent sticks by Rituals aren’t strong at all. First of all, the smell is soft, fresh and clean and you catch gentle whiffs of it. Usually when you’re moving around, but it’s not at all like walking into a wall of scent when you first walk in the door. I think I’m in love.

As you can see, there’s not too much here. Then again, the fall fashion of 2012 isn’t that inspiring to me. It’s so much like last year’s fall/ winter season and since I stocked up majorly at the time, I don’t see much that I want to buy.

Anything you purchased lately?

4 responses to “Shoplog: H&M, The Body Shop & Rituals”

  1. AWildDog Avatar

    I got a felt tip eyeliner, cus I’m hoping it will improve my non-exist/totally rubbish skills of doing eyeliner (on top lid). A Barry M Dazzle Dust, a GOSH Dazzle Dust one and I found some glow in the dark nail varnish which I can’t wait to try out.

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      I hate eyeliners that come with fixed tips/ brushes. They never work for me. Gel liner with a separate brush is the only thing that works for me. I have a few felt tip liners though, but hardly ever use them.

      1. AWildDog Avatar

        This one has a flexiable tip, we’ll see. I just end up with a thick line generally cus I keep messing it up.

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