OOTD: Coral flow

It’s been ages since I posted one of these. My birthday in July to be exact. So I figured it was about time. I only tend to play dress up whenever I go somewhere, so with my being gone all the time over summer, I simply didn’t have the time or the incentive to make any of these posts. With that being said, my lack of regular work outs also lead to my filling out a little more and putting on some pounds. It’s not much, but it’s just enough that I can’t fit into everything as comfortably as I could a few months ago.

With dance class starting back up and my day-to-day schedule getting back to normal I’m sure that I will be able to fit in more regular work outs, and more sensible food choices. I hope to be back to my old pre-summer fit self in 6 – 8 weeks. Expect more outfit posts around that time and I’m also planning on making a fall/ winter 2012 lookbook where I show what I think I’ll be wearing this season. Okay, enough blabbering, on to the outfit!


– Coral crochet shirt (ZARA)

– Black high/low hemline skirt (Urban Outfitters)

– Black chelsea boot wedges (H&M)

Detail: crochet pattern of Zara top

I love the texture this top gives to the outfit. It’s a little more than just your average shirt.

Close up: Dip hemline skirt (Urban Outfitters)

I loved the trend of dipped high/ low skirts over summer. They show a bit of leg, but not too much. Perfect for work.

Close up: Black chelsea wedge boots (H&M)

Spike & Chain chandelier earrings (Forever 21)

For accessories I kept it quite simple. I just wore my two cherished rings (one belonged to my mom, the other to my grandma) and these cool statement earrings. I like going with one statement piece of jewelry in my outfit, especially when there are already so many textures going on.

Eye make up look

This look is incredibly smudged: it was a hot day and my make up slid all over the place, but I thought this eye look came out quite nicely so I didn’t want to keep it from you. I used the Oh So Special palette by Sleek to creat this look. I used the matte peachy pink color, a soft muted brown and dark burgundy.

Once more, the complete look:

Any thoughts on my outfit?

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