Favorite OPI nail polishes

Instead of a nail art post, this week’s nail polish post will feature my favorite brand of nail polish: OPI. I simply love the colors, the texture, the way it stays on. I used to buy my OPI bottles online too which made for a nice discount. Right now, I only buy the bottles that really catch my eye and so I can justify paying nearly 14 euros for a bottle of nail polish. Yes, it’s pricey, especially over here, but I think each bottle is worth every penny. Today I would like to share with you my 5 favorite OPI nail polishes.

The golden team: my 5 favorite OPI nail polishes.

OPI Hot & Spicy

OPI’s Hot & Spicy is the perfect bright orange color. I love wearing this on my toes in summer and since orange is our national color I get to wear it plenty of times. Since it’s so bright I do not like using it in nail art looks, but rather on its own. It’s so bold that it speaks for itself. If you’d like to see the swatch, please click this link (here) and find no. 16 on picture 3.

OPI The Show Must Go On

This limited edition nail polish was part of the Burlesque themed Christmas collection a few years ago. It is my favorite duochrome nail polish. It has a pretty fuchsia as well as a golden orange hue to it that is amazing no matter what time of year it is. I tend to wear this more during the winter season though. For a swatch please click this link (here). It is polish no. 19 on picture 8.

OPI Over the Taupe

My favorite neutral polish by OPI. It’s a bit on the dark side for a neutral perhaps. OPI also has Tickle My French-y which is lighter and it was a tie between that polish and the one here. I tend to wear this polish on its own though and not solely as a base for a nail art creation. I think this is slightly more versatile. You can find a swatch by going to the following link (here) and finding picture no. 2. It’s polish no. 16 on the nail wheel.

OPI Mermaid’s Tears

This is hands down my favorite spring/ summer color. It is a murky minty green color that makes for some classy color when worn on its own, but it is also a great color for using in nail art creations. This polish was part of the limited edition Pirates of the Caribbean collection from a few years ago. You can find a swatch by going to this link (here). It’s no. 9 on the second picture with swatches (nail wheel no. 12).

OPI Warm & Fozzie

To end this post I would like to show you my favorite winter nail polish. It isn’t entirely clear from the pictures, but this is a dark golden brown glitter polish with multiple reflects in it. And that’s what makes this polish so special. Apart from the specks that give this polish its main color, there are bright red sparkles in it that give this nail polish just that much more than your average glitter polish. It was part of last year’s limited edition The Muppets Christmas collection. Again, a swatch can be found in this post (here) on nail wheel 12, but this time it’s no. 10.

Do you have any OPI nail polish? If so what are your favorite colors?

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