A stack of new CDs

I know, who still buys CDs right? Well I do! Every once in a while I make a list of which CDs I want to have and I go to my local record store, or online to shop for some new music. I only tend to buy CDs once I know I like them. So I usually download them first, give them a listen, if I like it, I’ll buy it. I really like having something tangible. Browsing through liner notes and seeing what the CD actually looks like not only adds to the music listening experience, but also shows you a bit about the artist and a look at what they want to achieve with their music.

A while ago, I ordered this stack of CDs from Amazon UK (over 25 pounds they’ll ship for free) and I thought I’d share with you which they are. Unfortunately I have been too busy to give some of them a good listen but with vacation coming up next week I’m sure to be able to listen to all of them. Just so you know: this won’t be a review post, but I will try to list my favorite songs where possible.

Beirut – The Riptide & Fever Ray

Two oldies. I have had the downloads of these for ages and thought it time to finally purchase them. Beirut has great music and they definitely did something slightly different on this one. My fave song is Santa Fe. I saw Fever Ray live a few years ago and had been meaning to get this CD ages ago, but always forgot. My favorites: Coconut & Seven.

Ben Howard – Every Kingdom & Alt-J – An Awesome Wave

Another two albums that were released much earlier this year. Ben Howard seems to be everyone’s new love when it comes to singer songwriters. I just love his voice and this is also a CD that I tend to play from beginning to end. My fave song is the opening track: Old Pine. Alt-J are another band that has shot to unknown heights this past year. I saw them at Pukkelpop and thought they were great. My favorite songs are Tesselate and Something Good.

Grizzly Bear – Shields, Angus Stone – Broken Brights, Alabama Shakes – Boys & Girls

On to three CDs that I hadn’t listened to properly before I bought them. I have especially listened to the one by Angus Stone. Title track Broken Brights is my favorite. Most I heard of the Grizzly Bear album are the singles, but opening track Sleeping Ute easily found its way onto my playlist. This one, and Alabama Shakes are still on my MP3 player though, waiting for a thorough listen.

Beach House – Bloom, Band of Horses – Mirage Rock

Beach House’s album was released earlier this year and I have had a chance to listen to this plenty of times already. My favorites: Wishes, New Year and Myth. Band of Horses has produced a great new record with plenty of harmonies, reminiscing of Crosby Stills and Nash. A bit of rock, a bit of folk, and even a hint of blues here and there. Everything’s Gonna Be Undone is my favorite.

Mumford & Sons – Babel, The XX – Coexist

My two most awaited albums of the year! I loved both Mumford & Sons and The XX’s debut albums and so buying these were nobrainers for me. That does mean that I haven’t given both a proper listen yet. I haven’t even been heard a single note from the Mumford & Sons album yet! Shame on me. Of the songs I heard of The XX, I haven’t been able to pick a favorite yet. Though, I do know that I pity the fact that the song Reconsider is only available on the Itunes edition.

What CDs did you last purchase?


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  1. My latest purchases: Case Mayfield – 10 & Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Last smoke before the snowstorm …both great artists and great albums! I LOVVEE Ben Howard’s album btw!!

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