Fall/ Winter lookbook (#3): country roads take me home

Who says you can’t wear floral in fall? In this third fall/ winter lookbook outfit, I’ll show you that you can. If you pick a floral on a dark (i.e. black) background and pair is with a pair of solid black boots it is very easy. I added a denim shirt on top to complete this very country look. The denim button down not only adds a casual tone to the outfit, but also toughens it up and gives it some edge. I went with some chunky jewelry to finish it off.

What I’m wearing:

– Denim button down shirt (H&M Divided Men)

– Basic black t-shirt (H&M)

– Dark floral skirt (Kensington Market Toronto/ Vintage)

– Necklace & bracelet (Forever 21)

– Shoes (H&M)

Detail around the waistline

I decided to go with a 90s knot rather than a belt for this as I thought it would suit the outfit better. Not in the first place because the shirt is super long as it’s a men’s size M.

The skirt I bought last summer when I was in Toronto. I love the pattern on it with pink and peach colored roses with plenty of greens against a black background. I already wore this right after I bought it while at the Niagara falls, so you may have seen it. At the time, I wore it with my denim jacket, which would be a great substitute if you don’t have a denim button down shirt.

Black chelsea wedge booties (H&M)

I wore my black opaque tights underneath it for an extra layer of warmth and went with my black wedge chelsea booties from H&M. These are insanely comfortable.

Geometric print/ black triangle short necklace (Forever 21)

Knot pattern cuff bracelet (Forever 21)

I like keeping jewelry simple yet chunky. Big statement bracelets like this wave pattern one from Forever 21 are my favorites. I love the necklace because it has the black that ties in nicely with the rest of the outfit.

One more time: complete outfit.

Any thoughts?

4 responses to “Fall/ Winter lookbook (#3): country roads take me home”

  1. Wat een superleuke armband zeg! Weet je nog hoe duur hij was? Ik ga morgen denk ik nog maar eens langs de Forever21 .

  2. Wat een prachtige outfit, erg leuk gecombineerd! Wat heb jij een leuke blog! Ik zou je graag willen volgen als ik dat nog niet deed.. Je hebt zeker niet iets van bloglovin ofzo/

    • Hoi, je comment was in de spam beland, dus ik had hem niet eerder gezien. Excuus! Je kunt mijn blog volgen. De knop hiervoor vind je rechtsonderaan de pagina in de rechterkolom. Ik zit ook op Bloglovin’ dus daar zou je me moeten kunnen vinden.

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