NOTW: Midnight in Moscow

Shock & horror! No it’s not Halloween just yet, but I think for the first time on this blog, I have a nail of the week for you that entails only one nail polish. Before you start thinking that I am losing my edge: I’m not. I had a party to go to and I wanted my nails to look classy and sophisticated for it. And I thought: why not just post this anyway. I went with a color by OPI called Midnight in Moscow: a dark but gorgeous color. Is it black? Is it red? No, it has a bit of both. See the pictures below to see what I mean.

OPI Midnight in Moscow (with flash)

OPI Midnight in Moscow (no flash)

Products used:

– Etos nail hardener in extra strong

– OPI Midnight in Moscow

– INM Out the Door fast drying topcoat

No flash


As you can see here, the color is a very very dark red: a blackened red. It looks different in different lighting. In daylight you can see a hint of red shining through, as on the pictures with the flash. My camera didn’t pick up on that though and so on the pictures without flash, it looks almost black, but not quite.

Here you can really see the difference between flash and no flash

If you’re interested in seeing why I needed my nails to look classy and sophisticated than stay tuned and check back tomorrow as I’ll have my complete make up, hair and outfit up.

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