Shoplog: Sephora, New Yorker, H&M & more

Last Thursday I met up with two friends who I don’t get to see very often. I first met up with one of them to have lunch and go shopping in Utrecht. Later that day we went to the other friend and had some delicious pancakes to top of a great day. I bought a few bits and pieces that day, nothing too crazy, but I though they were interesting enough to share nonetheless. Some things I really needed, others not so much. We hit up Sephora where they were putting out the new Urban Decay Vice palette and after the sales lady told me the 24/7 eyeliner box set would not be available in the Netherlands I decided to get the palette. So if you’d like to see some shots of what that looks like, then make sure to read this post.

I’m going to start with clothes first.

Wine red faux silk wrap dress (Vila)

You know that moment when you see something and you just know that it was made for you? That’s what happened when I saw this dress. I knew right when I saw it that the color and fit would be perfect for me. It’s has a great silky feel to it and the wrap effect goes pretty high up. It gives just enough coverage that it’s appropriate work, but you can also make it work for a party or any other occasion. The dress looks burgundy on the picture, but it’s actually a lot more purple in real life. Another plus is that it’s got semi long sleeves.

Cream & neon pilled t-shirt (New Yorker)

The only reason why I usually go into New Yorker are their t-shirts and I usually find something there. This shirt is a great basic with a twist: it’s cream, but with a hint of color due to the bright neon colored pilled details on it. Underneath a vest or blazer I think this could look quite nice.

Details of the pills on the t-shirt

Bright pink cropped work out top (H&M)

Black work out leggings (H&M)

I really wanted some new work out gear. I had seen a few things on the H&M website, but with work out clothes I really want to make sure they’re comfortable and well fitted. I already own two cropped racer back tops but they’re cotton and when you wear them they tend to bunch up underneath your shirt which looks quite strange. The pants were necessary because I own no tight work out pants and these are made of this breathable, quick dry material (just like the top) which are a must when you’re taking classes where you sweat tons.

Beige woolen mittens (The Sting)

I stumbled upon these gloves when my friend was in the dressing room trying on some clothes. I love wearing mittens when it’s really really cold. I had a pair, but I lost them on the train last year. I hadn’t found a pair yet that would be warm enough. If you buy mittens that are just wool your hands won’t stay warm for long. These babies are lined with fleece though and thus add an extra layer of protection.

Round wire bristle hair brush (Zenner)

People who know me, know that I’m not one to experiment with styling my hair. However, there are a few exceptions. My friend’s vintage party for one. Last time, I went as a 1920s flapper girl. This time (which is today btw) the aim is to go for 1940s Hollywood glam and I needed a round hair brush to attain the hairstyle I want to create. Wish me luck on that one.

OPI Skyfall collection – The World is not Enough (Sephora)

OPI Skyfall collection – The World is not Enough (swatch)

After seeing a few of the new OPI James Bond inspired nail polish collection for winter 2012/ 2013, I knew I had to get at least one of them. I was torn between On Her Majesty’s Secret Service and this one. Knowing I will wear this much more often, as it’s a gorgeous taupe with a reddish/ pink hue to it, I went with this one.

Urban Decay Vice Palette (Sephora)

Initially I had my mind set on buying the 24/7 eyeliner box set that comes out for Christmas. I talked to the lady in store and she said the set would not be available in Holland. Bummer, but I had also decided, that if I couldn’t get my hands on the eyeliner pencils, I would buy this palette. Urban Decay (hardly) goes wrong with their eyeshadows and the palettes are amazing. There’s a few shades that are a bit disappointing in this palette (Jagged for one) but there I swatched a few in store and most of the colors are super duper amazing. Case in point, some swatches:

From left to right: jagged, muse, junkie, armor, provocateur, freebird

I swatched at least one shade from each row. My favorites of the palette have to be Muse, Junkie, Amrmor, Freebird, Occupy, Blitz, Vice and Rapture. Gorgeous colors and since the palette has a good row of neutrals at the bottom (as well as a matte creamy vanilla colored highlight!) this is a super versatile palette. I can’t wait to be playing around with it.

Are you excited for the Christmas collections to hit stores? I always think that’s the best part about this time of year. Even though we don’t do presents for Christmas or Sinterklaas in my family anymore, I still get excited every year to see all the pretty packaging and the overall atmosphere in town is always so festive. I can’t wait till they switch on the Christmas lights in my street again.

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  1. Leuke dingen heb je weer. Die sportkleding van H&M heb ik ook, is echt hele fijne sportkleding! Ik heb inmiddels de hele collectie geloof ik haha. Verkopen ze die UD 24/7 set niet hier? Bummer! Ik wilde die misschien ook gaan halen. Verder wil ik heel graag het return to sexy palette van too faced hebben, ga daar binnnenkort even voor kijken.

    • Ja ik vond het ook fijn zitten. Ik wil er wel meer van! Dat zei de dame van UD idd. Return to Sexy is ook erg mooi maar ik vind de kleurtjes net wat te standaard om daar 50 euro aan uit te kunnen geven.

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