Current obsessions (November 2012)

Whoops two days no blog. I blame the lack of daylight. I had no opportunities to snap pictures for some new posts this past week and I felt awfully tired. Blegh. But we’re back on track and forgive the instance of flash/ dark pictures coming up in future months because I simply haven’t got many opportunities to utilize daylight for picture taking. To start off after my two day absence I though we could start with something nice and easy: my current random favorites. And they’re well… random and I haven’t done one of these since June. Keep on reading to find out what they are and share some of your own in a comment below!

Caramel hot chocolate w/ whipped cream a la Starbucks

Hot chocolate is my favorite thing at the moment drinks wise and after watching this video, I decided I could very easily make one of my favorite Starbucks drinks myself too: a caramel hot chocolate with whipped cream. It’s super easy and ready in a jiffy if you buy everything prepackaged. I of course, opted for the less obvious option and make everything myself: from whipping up the cream to the caramel sauce. Recipe to come soon!

Retro hair styles

After researching my hair style for last week’s vintage party (for my completed look, click here), I went on a retro hair style video kick. I so want to try more of them. I don’t know how my students or colleagues would react if I’d show up with the hairstyle shown in the video, but with this dreadful weather that screams: stay indoors, it may be worth a shot at spending an afternoon in a fun and engaging way. (And it would make a nice blog post to boot)

Cashmere green paisley print trousers (ZARA)

These pants are so out there, but I love them. I saw them in Utrecht when I was out shopping with my friend (see my shoplog here), tried them on, but decided against them. I didn’t exactly know what to wear with them. But now that I left them in the store I can’t get them out of my head. They are sold out in my size at the moment, but once the online store has them back in stock I am so getting myself a pair. Any opinions?

I’ve been reading quite a bit lately. Especially considering the fact that I only read when I have the ‘mindspace’ to do so. I am currently reading Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice and I’m loving it. I do have to say that with the end of daylight saving time, my energy at night is limited, but I have been reading on and off these past couple of days and was actually happy when my train was a bit delayed on Thursday and I managed to read 100+ pages in one afternoon while traveling.

Jake Bugg – Trouble Town

Last week I went out to buy Muse’s album The 2nd Law as I really wanted to add it to my ever extending music collection. While at the music store, I saw they had the album out by Jake Bugg. I read on Janske’s blog that one of his songs had just been no. 1 on the Dutch charts (I don’t do charts) and so I was interested and read the description. My music store listed him to be ‘the new Dylan’ with ‘some Oasis’ mixed in. I decided to buy his album. On a whim. And I love it. This is my favorite song.

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