NOTW: tea rose & graphite two toned french manicure

My nails all started tearing and breaking this past week and so coming up with a new nail design would be crucial. I didn’t have much inspiration over the weekend, but Monday evening this suddenly popped into my head. I think it’s still fall worthy with some darker colors, but there’s also a bit of sparkle to add some dimension. I went with a two toned French manicure as it’s easy to create and also enforces your nail tips ever so slightly. I took these pictures right after I was done, so the lighting isn’t the best, but I have to say that this camera is a lot better at showing the colors than my old one. Hope you enjoy!

Products used:

– Etos nail hardener in extra strong

– Catrice Welcome to Roosywood (780) as base color

– Ciaté Velvet tuxedo as tip color

– Essence Time for Romance (72) as glitter top coat

– INM Out the Door fast drying top coat

Creating this nail look is very simple. You simply paint your nails with two coats of the base color. Let it dry for about a minute. Now you take your tip color and with the brush that comes with your nail polish, you simply draw on the tip. You do this by gently putting the brush against your nail on one side and rolling your finger/ nail to the other side. Let dry for another minute, add a glittery top coat of your choice and you’re done.

Some close ups and other views. I tried to get as many different lighting options as possible.

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