Fall/ Winter lookbook (#6): navy polka dots galore

Are you ready for something super girly? After weeks of bulky sweaters it’s time for a more dainty look. It’s perhaps a little less pretty than the lace & pleather look I posted a few weeks ago, but there’s still plenty of girlishness in this outfit. From the polkadots on the dress, to the tassled loafers and the mustard bow belt, I think this outfit is a perfect combination of girly and preppy. What about you? Oh and try to guess how much the whole thing costs (including everything: tights, shoes, accessories), I reveal it halfway through the post.

What I’m wearing:

– Mustard & navy polka dot skater dress (Bershka)

– Navy woolen knit sweater (Vintage market in London)

– Dark navy/ gray tasseled loafers (vintage)

– Mustard bow belt (Bershka)

– Necklace: zweeuws knopje (gift)

– Navy tights (HEMA)

Total cost of complete outfit: 40 euros. I bought the dress and belt on sale. The dress only cost 6 euros, the belt 3 euros. The shoes and sweater are vintage and even though that doesn’t necessarily mean cheap, you can sometimes get good deals. These real leather loafers have barely been worn judging by the soles and only cost 10 euros. The sweater is the most expensive item here at 15 euros.

Close up of dress, belt & sweater detail

Close up of shoes (check the tassels!)

Close up of necklace

I used to own a necklace like this which belonged to my grandmother, but I lost that on a trip last year. My mom very kindly repurchased a similar necklace because I loved it so much and gifted it to me on my birthday.

One more time: the completed look. Any thoughts? Opinions? Yay/ nay? Would you wear this?

16 responses to “Fall/ Winter lookbook (#6): navy polka dots galore”

  1. Ja leuk! Zat alleen ook aan andere schoenen te denken (echt!): iets met hak (enkellaarsjes bijv), of zelfs gympen, allstars ofzo 😀

  2. Woahh dat ze die schoenen nog maken! Mijn mams had vroeger aaaltijd dat model schoenen! (die vond ze zo leuk & lekker lopen, dat ze gewoon elke keer hetzelfde model weer kocht haha)

    En van haren heeft wel een aantal donkerblauwe schoenen…!

    • Ik heb ze 2de hands gekocht! Dus wie weet hoe oud ze zijn. Ik vind donkerblauw gewoon een moeilijke kleur qua schoenen. Vind ze vaak niet mooi of passen bij wat ik aan heb.

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