My favorite work out songs: Body Combat

Another video heavy post and another one on music, but since I can’t get enough of my Body Combat class at the moment, I have to share some of my favorite songs of the class. For those that don’t know: Body Combat is a Les Mills class inspired by martial arts and boxing. It’s mostly a cardio work out which lasts 50 minutes and if you do it right, it will leave you knackered at the end. One of the reasons why I love the class are a.) the moves and b.) the music. Honestly, mostly all of my favorite work out songs come from my Body Combat classes and so I thought I’d share. Most of it is pretty techno oriented, so if that’s not your cup of tea then you can steer clear from this post.

I wrote a similar post nearly a year ago, so also check that out if you are in for more. You can find that post by clicking here.

Powerglove – Metal Combat for the Mortal Man (Body Combat remix)

This song is taken from Body Combat 44 and it’s track 7. Track 7 always has Muay Thai inspired moves and they are usually my favorite. If you’re not yet tired by the time this track rolls around, you most certainly will be. This track no. 7 is a particular favorite of mine. In the video you can also see the moves that come with this song. I’m not much of a jumper so I usually leave that out, but the rest is all there.

BC 50 – More (B&W Edit)_Rolling in the Deep (Technoposse Remix)

Warm up time. This song consists of two parts: the first half is for the upper body, the second for the lower body. I love that first half. Gives me energy at all times. And from this warm up track I particularly like the second half. The first song is a remix of Usher’s More by the way.

Jason Born & Friday Night Posse – Written In The Stars (Sunny Dee Remix) & Are You Ready For This

Don’t you just love that throwback to the 90s?

Rezonance Q – Sweetheart (Squad-E Remix)

After the warm up you get your first real cardio number. This one in particular is a boxing song, but it can also be something that has more kicks in it…

Headhunterz – Power of the Mind

And for kicks they usually use a song like the one above.

Ducksauce – Barbra Streisand (Mob Remix)

Followed by another cardio/ boxing song. This remix of Ducksauce’s Barbra Streisand is a particular fun song to move to.

Ali Payami VS. Warp Brothers & Aquagen – Blade (Re-Con Remix)

Another Muay Thai song. I just love this remix! The song originally appeared on the Blade soundtrack in the mid 90s and is in fact another remix of a New Order song. How cool is that?

Okay so those are some of my favorite work out/ Body Combat songs. What are yours?

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