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I have a confession to make. Up until a few months ago, I never used a face cream during the day. I used one at night alright, but not during the day. I had already tried several creams but none were to my liking. My main problem with face creams is that my skin doesn’t absorb them quickly which gives me a very yucky, sweaty face and the cream just oozes right off my face. If that’s not the problem they give me a rash, an itch, or I’m covered in zits within a day. The problem is that I have super sensitive and dehydrated skin which does not like being tempered with. So, when I saw my pharmacy had started carrying La Roche Posay products I decided to try some out. I was given a few samples to try out and I like the Toleriane Ultra cream the best. I bought a full size product and have been using it since September. What are my thoughts?

La Roche Posay Toleriane Ultra for allergy prone & intolerant skin

In the picture above you can see the packaging and the product. I had already used the cream once or twice before taking these pictures, hence you can see a dent in the product. It comes in a neat white and blue packaging that lists all the information you need.

This is what the website says:

It’s formula is a true formulatory feat: ultra-minimalist, uncompromising and highly safe. A formula stripped down to the essential, using minimal ingredients and removing all potentially irritant or allergy-inducing substances. An ultra-minimalist formula with intense soothing power, thanks to Neurosensine, an active ingredient which targets cutaneous irritation mechanisms. A soothing action, reinforced thanks to the new association with naturally soothing and anti-irritating La Roche-Posay thermal spring water. Non-comedogenic. Ultra high tolerance. Tested on allergic skin.

No preservatives. Check

No parabens. Check

No added perfume, alcohol or any irritating ingredients. Check.

When I first tried the cream with a sample, I also tried the regular Toleriane, the Nutric and Hydraphase creams. The Toleriane Ultra for me worked best on the sample as it hydrated my skin and was absorbed quickly without giving me zits or nasty allergic reactions. The Nutric was a bit too rich for me. The Hydraphase too watery (it just sat there without doing anything) and the regular Toleriane was not rich enough.

The packaging is very easy to use. It comes with a small pump, which you can twist to close up. I need one pump to cover all of my face and the amount on my hand in the picture above is what you get with one pump. Clean, hygienic and easy to use. +1!

The consistency of the cream is a bit thin without it being watery. You can tell this cream is filled to the brim with something other than water. It really is a cream, but not as thick as most creams. It is easy to spread and is absorbed by my skin very quickly.

All that’s left after a short while of rubbing is a cream which has been absorbed completely. It literally takes seconds to disappear into your skin. As you can see it does not leave shiny residue and you can pretty much apply your make up right after.

Now my original idea for this post was to also include a picture of my skin, so I could see in a few months whether my skin has improved or not. Unfortunately nothing visible has happened, but I can definitely tell a difference. I tend to get some dryness around my nose and on my cheeks and chin and when I use this cream my skin stays silky smooth for 24 hours. My skin does not feel stretchy, itchy, nor has it caused me to have zits. Even after 2 months of daily usage.

There is one ‘but’ though. The first month or so my skin was fine and felt better than it had ever done, but ever since 2 weeks or so ago, my skin has gotten red and irritated right after first applying the cream. It is only there for a few minutes: the redness disappears when the products has been fully absorbed by my skin, but something tells me that is not a good thing. Not only does my face flare up like a red traffic light, but my face also feels very warm. I’m guessing it’s an allergic reaction. The redness is worst in the areas I said need the cream the most: my cheeks, but especially the area around my nose and chin react to it.

And so, I end up being allergic to a cream which is formulated especially for sensitive, allergy prone and intolerant skin. Which is a shame because I still love the cream. The allergic reaction is getting worse each day though and so I must stop using it. My quest for the perfect face cream continues.

Do you have any suggestions for creams I could/ should try?

Creams I’ve tried so far: TBS Aloe Vera Day Cream (not absorbed quickly enough), Zarqa cream for sensitive skin (gave me break outs) and cheap drugstore brands from Etos/ Kruidvat (a combination, including an incessant itch). Anything which contains fragrance, alcohol, parabens is a no go, so most of the drugstore creams will be a no go. Thanks so much in advance.

***UPDATE 2014*** I’ve found a way to make this cream work for me after all. I find out that this cream is perfect for me during summer/ warmer months/ climates. During colder months I have made this work for me by layering a moisturizer underneath it. So in the mornings I clean my face, apply moisturizer, apply Toleriane Ultra. The result: no allergic reaction and better looking skin. You can read more about my skincare routine by reading this post.

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  1. De lijn van Decubal is mijn life saver. Ik heb de reinigingsmousse, tonic en dagcreme voor de gevoelige huid. Je hebt de creme in een pot en in een pompflacon, ik heb de laatste. Mijn huid is vet en vochtarm en ik heb soms last van acne op mijn kin. Dat is door deze producten allemaal verleden tijd! Te koop bij De Tuinen, de producten kosten tussen de 10 en 15 euro. Ben supertevreden 🙂 Oh, en het bevat geen parfum, parabenen en alcohol.

  2. I have just tried it two days, but I dont know, I feel its too heavy and I have had kind of small pimples( kind of alergy). I dont know if the toleriane fluid its better for my skin because its more liquid because I feel That my skin scream: I cant breathh… and I noticed my skin really oily when I am using it.

    • It’s fine for me, but I have dehydrated to dry skin, so that might be why. When I looked into La Roche Posay I first got some testers from my pharmacy to try different things and that’s how I knew I’d like this one best.

  3. Hi, I just bought Toleriane Ultra and my skin felt itchy right after applying. After reading your review, I believe this cream might not be as good for allergic skins as it claims to be.
    If you are still looking for a good cream, try Avene Tolerance Extreme, I have been using it and have had no problem whatsoever, no itchy eyes, no redness, no eczema. Have a try!

    • Thanks for your tip, but I don’t think Avene is a brand sold in my country. 🙁 I have been giving Toleriane Ultra another try and I now know why my skin started reacting after a while: it’s not moisturizing enough for my skin during the colder months. So this year, I added a moisturizer (by Origins) and I have had no problems at all!

  4. Hoi, Hoi, bedankt voor de review! Avene is wel gewoon te krijgen bij verschillende apotheken in Nederland. Ik heb verschillende producten van dit merk geprobeerd en ik vind vooral de Michellar Lotion Cleanser erg fijn!

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