New favorite band: Bear Lake

You know that feeling, when you hear a song by an artists and you instantly like it? That’s what happened to be me when I first heard Bear Lake’s song Crawl. I already featured it in one of my music posts a few weeks ago, which you can find here. That one song ended up being quite the instigator as I quickly found myself looking for more songs by the band and with the help of the almighty power that is Youtube I found enough songs that could fill an album.

Bear Lake can best be described as a band which features pop with a bit of folk with some new wave electronics and some melancholia. The band hails from Michigan, USA and writes many of their songs in a cabin on Bear Lake, hence the name. There songs have featured in several TV shows so some of you may for instance recognize this song which was used in One Tree Hill:

Crawl is one of their newest songs together with this slightly darker song Acceptance.

This song is much more electronics based with droning beats. Whereas this song called Faded is much more guitar driven:

Then there is this guitar rock type song with a Tim Burton-esque music video to go with the melancholic undertones in Raid Out:

But the song Smile is much more positive and happy sounding.

In any case, this band has a bit of everything and I love the mixture of all these different styles. It’s quite new and refreshing to have a band who cannot be pinpointed and put into a little box. My personal favorites are still Crawl and Where do we go? Which are yours?


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