Wardrobe staples

Plenty of girls have too many clothes. I know I have! There are a few pieces in my closet though that I cannot go without: my wardrobe staples. No matter what the trends are, no matter what is in style, I make sure I have an item like it in my closet. The main reason: they are versatile, can be combined in a gazillion different ways or they are a good statement piece to have. These are my 9 must have wardrobe items.

1.) The black circle skirt

Black circle skirt (H&M – sale)

Circle skirts are great staples to have to begin with, but a black one is the most versatile. The color is easy to combine with a multitude of colors and textures. The cut of these skirts is very girly and suit many different body shapes. You can wear it high up in your waist or slouch it down a little. It’s also easy to dress up or dress down depending on how you style it.

2.) The cozy knit

Beige knit cardigan with metallic gold thread (H&M)

A knit that fits and keeps you warm is a must. I prefer going with a cardigan rather than a sweater as it is much more versatile. You can always unbutton the cardigan and wear it over a dress or other outfit without taking too much away from it. Cardigan instantly make a look more casual, which is why I feel your knit should always be cozy too. You should just want to snuggle up in it.

3.) Statement blazer

Green wool felt blazer (Only)

Already featured in my blazer collection, this jacket is one of the oldest pieces in my closet. The reason? Because it’s green, because it’s warm and because it can amp up any outfit. It goes with pants, skirts and dresses and goes best with a basic t-shirt. In spring I even wear it as outerwear topped with a big scarf.

4.) Black bolero/ sleeves

Black wool knit bolero (H&M)

Again one of those items that I simply cannot live without. I throw this mostly over t-shirts when it’s too cold for a t-shirt, but too warm for a full on sweater. I also wear it with dresses, especially sleeveless ones. Depending on the type of bolero you have, it can dress up or dress down an outfit. The one in the picture is generally a bit dressier, but I also have more casual looking ones.

5.) Statement dress

Green polka dot dress with pussybow knot (Monki)

Forget the LBD! My wardrobe staple is a fun, in your face dress that fits nicely and that can again we dressed up or down. I can wear this with flip flops in summer, with tights and heels in winter and even throw a cardigan on top for a more pretty look. If you would like to see this one on, then stay tuned because tomorrow post will feature an outfit with this dress!

6.) Nude tank top

Nude tank top (H&M)

I know that most people will tell you to get white and black t-shirts and tops. But my favorite neutral is this nude/ beige color. You can throw it on under brighter colors to tone down the craziness, but it also makes for a great layering piece underneath sheer and see through tops. I prefer tank tops over t-shirts as again, they are easier to layer with and thus much more versatile.

7.) Black skinny jeans

Black studded skinny jeans (Only)

My favorite pair of jeans! I actually stopped wearing jeans on a daily basis quite some time ago. I now where jeggings or treggings, but an actual pair of jeans is an absolute must have. I went with a skinny because it will make your legs look longer and the color black adds to that as well of course. Also finding the right kind of blue that suits you best can be difficult as what color jeans are can be so subject to change. Whereas black is a good solid color that you’ll be able to find year round and which will never go out of style.

8.) Basic dress

Nude lace dress (H&M)

Another must have is a more basic dress. This one in the picture is in a very basic and neutral color, but the texture of the lace keeps it from getting boring. Again: easy to dress up, easy to dress down. You can take this from day to night by adding different shoes and accessories and you’re good to go. I love how this is in such a neutral color as it allows you to play around with the rest of your outfit.

9.) Denim jacket

Finally the piece I really can’t live without: a denim jacket. You can literally wear this year round and with the right fit and color it will take you far. This jacket is my main summer outerwear piece, but in winter I use it for layering. It is so easy to put this on underneath your winter coat for an extra layer of warmth. I will even wear this indoors. It gives a bit of a tough look to anything you wear without it becoming too casual.

These are my wardrobe staples, what are yours?

P.S. It wasn’t until I gathered all my pictures that I realized that all these items are black, nude or green apart from the jacket. Guess what my staple colors are? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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