Zara sale: my picks

It’s the time of the sea-hee-son for…. sale items. Just the other day I was browsing the ZARA sale and found myself liking quite a few things as opposed to the H&M sale. There I only found a few items in the physical store, but online everything had sold out in my size or I simply didn’t like it. ZARA seems to have hit the nail on its head though with plenty of cool items still up for grabs. Not sure whether I’d want to buy all of these things, but there are a few that I would like to have hanging in my closet. Curious to see which items I liked best?

Denim waistcoat: 19.99

Denim jacket with sheepskin lining: 49.99

I already noticed early on in the season that Zara has some great denim items. The waistcoat has been on my wishlist for months and that jacket with the lammy lining? Nothing screams warmth and comfort like that.

Wax coated jeans in green: 29.99

Power black printed jeans: 29.99

I do not own a pair of wax coated jeans yet, but I am digging this one. Not too sure about the exposed denim at the top though, but with a shirt over it, no one would see anyway. I tried on the black pants before and still like them and at almost half price, I think they could make a nice addition to my wardrobe. In any case they are black and have a waxy finish baroque print.

Printed dress: 29.99

It’s a dress. It’s navy. With leopard velvet print. Need I say more?

Faux fur snood: 9.99

Belt with rhinestone buckle: 7.99

Blucher shoes: 49.99

Mini bowling bag with clasp fastening: 29.99

That snood looks so comfy I want to snuggle up to it already! The shoes are too cool not to like (hello studded brogues!). The belt is kitchy but cool and I just love that bag. Already saw that in stores before and nearly bought it.

Have you  done any sale shopping?

9 responses to “Zara sale: my picks”

  1. ik heb ook 2 dingen van de Zara in de sale gekocht! I love sale 🙂 Die zwarte broek is inderdaad erg mooi!

  2. Ik kon vorige week bij Zara niets leuks vinden helaas. Maar van deze slectie vind ik de Power black printed jeans en de Printed dress erg leuk

    • Ik vind Zara altijd een beetje hit or miss. Ik shop er eigenlijk alleen in de sale. Hier zit ook geen Zara dus ik moet echt naar Den Haag of Amsterdam om te zien wat ze hebben.

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