Current favorite songs January #2

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A new week, a new round of favorite songs! Here’s what I discovered/ listened to this week.

Dry the River – No Rest

This song came out last year and every time it comes on it strikes me, but I had always forgotten to check which band it was. This song reminds me a bit of Snow Patrol, but then when they weren’t making songs that all sounded alike.

Patrick Watson – Lighthouse

I saw Patrick Watson live at Pukkelpop this summer and I remember he played a good solid set, but didn’t impress me so much as to make it memorable. Still, I have kept his album on my phone and when this song came on one late night on the train home, I was sold.

Kyson – Ocean Tides

You know me! I cannot go without my chill wave fix. This song represents that quite nicely.

Little Stella – Bluf

The Beatles – Come Together

Yesterday I went on a major music fix. I got up quite early on Sunday and decided to just take it easy the rest of the day and don’t do much of anything. I decided to whip out my Beatles albums and listened to them all morning. The Beatles are simply great. This song stuck with me most.

Justin Nozuka – Mr. Therapy Man

Another oldie but goodie. Taken from his album Holly (which I listened to until I got sick of it a few years ago), it exemplifies everything which I think is good about Justin Nozuka: great music, great lyrics, great voice, great well everything.

What have you been listening to this week?

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