I need a break…

… a break from blogging. For over 2.5 years I’ve managed to write a post and upload it on an almost daily basis. Despite being swamped in work, being sick: nothing ever really stopped me. I wrote extra blog posts ahead of time when I went on vacation. What it boils down to is the fact that I spent 30 – 60 minutes on a daily basis for 2.5 years to get something posted on here. And right now, I simply can’t spare 30 – 60 minutes to do it.

That is why, I’m taking a break. These past few weeks I’ve been finding it harder to be consistent and to post things. On top of that my computer is away for repairs and my little netbook can’t do little else apart from wordprocessing. Right now I don’t have the tools necessary to crop and alter pictures. To look up links on external websites or to make this blog the way I want it to be.

The fact that I’m having trouble sleeping, mostly due to stress, isn’t helping and still ongoing. It used to be that I would blog to relax my brain, but right now it feels like a chore. I just need some time and space to wrap my head around that and go back to sleeping a solid 8 hours a night like I used to. Then I’m sure I’ll also have the energy and joy that I used to have up until recently.

For now, I don’t think I’ll give up on blogging altogether. The break will last probably two weeks, the way I see it now: this week and also the next. I am swamped work wise and spend so many hours sitting down behind a computer now that I need some time away from electronics once I am done. I still have plenty of ideas for posts though and I wanted to reorganize a few things here and there, so I still have plenty of input for this space on the WWW, but right now I simply lack the motivation and energy to do so.

I hope you understand and once I feel better I will be back. I just have to put myself first right now and focus on what’s important and that’s that I’m doing well. Hope to see you in a few weeks!

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  1. Get well soon! Hope to see you on the twenty-seventh in The Hague. Which reminds me… that’s next sunday allready.

  2. Ah chickje. Je bent aan niemand verplicht om te bloggen he! En wel genoeg tijd voor jezelf maken! Als het echt niet gaat lukken om je werk op tijd af te krijgen, geef het dan bij ze aan he!! Want je werk en ook jijzelf hebben er niks aan als je weer overspannen raakt. Dan kan het beter een paar dagen later af zijn en dat je wel genoeg rust kan pakken! Good luck!!!

  3. Ik ben het helemaal eens met bovenstaand, hoe je hoeft geen sorry te zeggen hoor 🙂 Het is belangrijk dat je plezier blijft houden in wat je doet en niet jezelf voorbij loopt! Been there done that, is not funny believe me.

    Ik hoop echt dat je doorgaat met bloggen want je hebt altijd erg leuke en vaak informatieve artikels! Mischien een idee om iets minder te bloggen per week dat je meer tijd over houd in ‘s avonds?

    Heel veel beterschap en hoop dat je snel opknapt!

  4. Nou meid, doe het maar rustig aan hoor.
    Dat bloggen is geen must………………….

    Rust lekker uit en doe waar je je goed bij voelt.

    Liefs, tante Joke

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