Favorite songs (January #3)

Another week, another set of songs. Even though I spent most of my time on my couch, I still squeezed in plenty of music. Unfortunately my laptop is gone for repairs and so I’m using my netbook. For some reason it has difficulty playing my playlists, so this past week I’ve resorted to doing something rather unusual: I listened to actual, physical CDs. Isn’t that fun? That’s why the music on this week’s list, isn’t necessarily the latest, nor the most interesting out there, but it’s still good music nonetheless.

Justin Timberlake – Suit & Tie

Yay, Justin Timberlake is releasing a new record and I’m already loving the new single. It’s a bit slow to start, but I love the vibe of this song. Reminds me of something Robin Thicke would do.

Lone Wolf – Keep your eyes on the road

Great folky pop song. I used to listen to this album on repeat 2 years ago so when I was browsing my CDs for something good to listen to I immediately picked this one.

Gangi – Gold

Catchy indie rock with a poppy vibe.

Head & the Heart – Down in the valley

I was obsessed with this band’s song called Lost in my Mind. A bit of folk, a bit of pop combined with easy to sing along to lyrics this is great easy listening music that is simply generally appealing.

Great Lake Swimmers – New Wild Everywhere

Another folky band. Yup, can’t get enough of it. Talking about easy to sing along to! I bought this album early in 2012, not really knowing what to expect. When I first heard it I was sold though. If you like good solid songs then this is a very safe bet.

Is there anything you’ve been listening to that you feel I should be listening to?

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