Current obsessions (January 2013)

This week was very slow, with plenty of time to think, contemplate and regroup. And it’s always during these times that I suddenly realize some of the things that I obsess over. Obsession in a healthy way though. Not the creepy type, but just those periods where you find yourself gearing towards one particular item from time to time. Something you cannot get enough of. Sometimes it changes monthly, sometimes it takes longer or shorter, but it happens.

Now since I was sick all week, I could have made this post about that pile of reports that still needs grading, or the amount of cough drops I consumed in 3 days. But since I want to keep this space one filled with positivity and already nagged about being sick long enough, here are some good things I’ve been obsessing over these past few weeks.

1.) Cheese

I’ve been digging cheese so much these past few weeks. Instead of tearing my way through a bag of chips on a Friday night, you’ll find me cutting myself a few lumps of cheese. Sometimes it’s brie, other times I go for an mature Gouda cheese. Right now I’m in an ‘the older, the better’ phase. It’s tasty, fills you up and is 20x better for you then that bag of chips, provided you don’t munch down all of your cheese in one go of course.

2.) Dresses

If you follow this space then you’ll know I bought pretty much nothing but dresses towards the end of 2012. Well, I’m still not over that obsession as now I’m putting myself through wearing them all. Never mind the weather, I just throw on my thermals and I’m good to go. From ditsy florals to graphic houndstooth designs, I own everything and far in between. I also think I look best in a dress. My body is simply made for them.

3.) Snickers candy bars

Remember that I told you that I wasn’t going to eat any candy in January? Well let me explain why. In December I developed a quite serious ‘addiction’ to Snickers. Don’t ask me how it happened, I simply don’t remember. All I know is that I ended up buying a Snickers bar several times a week before getting on my train home. I just love how it has caramel, nuts and chocolate all in one go. I still want to try to bake something with Snickers in them because I love them that much.

4.) Smoothies

YAY, finally! After months of being without a blender I finally bought one again. And thus I’ve gotten back into the swing of things with making smoothies. My supermarket sells frozen fruit (mango, raspberries, blueberries, my favorites!) and slowly but surely some more interesting fruit choices will start appearing in stores. Add some yoghurt, a splash of lemon or orange juice and you have a delish and healthy snack.

5.) Vampire Diaries

Last Monday I finished watching the 3rd season and I’m not sure how I feel about this yet. I watched this obsessively the past few weeks, watching as many as 8 – 10 episodes on a day off. There is only one major problem with it, one I already iterated when I reviewed Fifty Shades of Grey: How can something so bad can be so good at the same time? I kept watching and watching and wanting more, but every time I would find myself wondering: why am I watching this?, roughly halfway through an episode.

The story is more bizarre than anything I have seen in a long time (I mean how many school dances and weird things can you have happen to one person within one year?), the make up and outfits are simply too perfect (hello, false lashes and waking up with full smokey eyes), and why on earth do they have 30 year-olds play teenagers? It’s like mixing True Blood and Twilight and turning it into diet coke. One Vampire lite coming up!

And yet, whether it’s Damon being an arse, my curiosity to see what wardrobe changes they have in store for the next episode or the stunning good looks of Paul Wesley are my reason for watching it, I have no clue. All I know is that once you start watching this it’s like sugar: you can’t stop having enough until you get it out of your blood stream and go on a complete detox. Call it a guilty pleasure.

What are your current favorite things in the world?

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