What I’m doing now I’m not blogging

Not that many posts have been up this week and don’t expect too many posts in the next week either. I’m busy as hell and by the time I get home I still don’t have the urge to sit behind my computer and blog. In fact, I have no incentive whatsoever to even switch on my computer. Here’s what I do instead.

1.) Read

First of all, I started reading more. I now go to bed and read a few passages. I’ve even picked up a book and read a few pages before having to catch my train. I have been steering away from switching on my computer first thing in the morning which also allows me to read a few pages while having breakfast.

2.) Work out

These past couple of weeks I’ve been going to the gym quite a bit. And I like it! I’ve been going there 4 -5 times a week and even had a few double dance classes to top things off. I love how much energy it gives me and additionally it also makes for some better sleep. I am simply too exhausted so I go to bed a bit earlier, read for a bit and sleep like a rock. What a change that is from my state of mind a few weeks ago.

3.) Listen to music

This doesn’t seem too strange if you know me, but I’ve been thoroughly digging through my music collection. I usually just put on a playlist, hit shuffle and let it be. But now, I am consciously looking through my albums to see which one I’d like to play. And then I just listen. Not as background music, but I’ll just sit there with some tea and really listen while going through the liner notes.

4.) Organize my stuff

I cleaned up my wardrobe. Cleared out my old make up. Threw out a bunch of shoes (but still have plenty). Recategorized my records and am seriously thinking about having a huge spring cleaning some time soon. I especially want to go through the kitchen again and spruce it up again. I love a clean and organized house!

5.) Have a social life

Now don’t get me wrong. It’s not as if before I was such a hermit that I didn’t go anywhere, I simply was too busy with work and school to even have the energy to really hang out with people. It would be a feat to try and meet up with anyone because I was never home before 7 PM, had night classes, even on my day off and I was always just happy if it was the weekend. With fewer hours to travel and having met a bunch of new & old people these past few months, my social life has definitely gotten a boost. I literally go from dinners with colleagues, to museum visits with friends and from family gatherings to catching up with everyone at the gym.

Some of the stuff listed above might very well be the reason why I’m blogging so little. Others are the result off. All I know is that once I get home from work or the gym I simply don’t even want to switch on my computer and so I don’t. Instead I have a cuppa, play a Beatles record and read Jane Austen, while planning my next social gathering and thinking of which part of my house needs attention now.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Workout…ja dat moet ik ook vaker doen. Wel goed dat je een paar dagen in de week naar de sportschool gaat!

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