Music of the moment (February 2013 #1)

And then it suddenly strikes you: the urge to blog! I was on the train home last night and while staring off into the black distance beyond the window my hands started to itch. I had to write. I had to blog. So now, at 10.30 PM after just popping in after a walk in the freezing cold (damn you thermoleggings from Action!) I switched on my computer after what feels like a life time and bring to you: my current music favorites.

CMA – Broken thoughts

Who’d have thought that dubstep rhythms and lounge could go together huh? Think tinkering pianos set to a droning beat… I want this to be my alarm clock song, though I don’t think I’d be able to wake up anytime soon.

Emily Wells – Becomes the Color

This is what you get if you would take Kerli (Walking on Air) mix it with some Lily Allen, add a bit of Sia and dust it off with a hiphop vibe.

John Cale – I Keep a Close Watch

A song of which I thought: why hadn’t I heard this before? Performed live by Gerhardt at the Peel Slowly & See night organized by my local record store Velvet, this song already brought tears to my eyes. Hearing the original invoked an even stronger emotion. *sigh*

Battles – Ice Cream [BDG #Gang Gang Dance Remix]

Ready for something weird? This remix of Ice Cream by Battles will do that for you. Electro, catchy, bubbling rhythms, pop, Spanish and Latin music all fused into one song. Just when you think the impossible couldn’t happen… It at least puts a smile on my face.

Angus & Julia Stone – For You

To close off this edition of my music favorites, I thought we could end on a romantic note. Angus & Julia Stone have been featured on here several times and I still find songs that I dub my favorites ever other week it seems. This is just the best late night music ever.

Of course I’m curious to hear what you have been listening to! So leave a comment below and let me know. And who knows, if I get another electric kick like just now, there may already be another post up by tomorrow.

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  1. Wow… Ik ben inderdaad helemaal in de war door dat eennalaatste nummer.. whut?! 😛 Haha! Hij is wel catchy inderdaad.

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