NOTW: Purple unicorn pee?

If you are unfamiliar with beautyblogs this title probably made you frown. But yes, there is a nail polish which has been dubbed to look like ‘unicorn pee’. It’s Max Factor’s Fantasy Fire, which unfortunately comes up very sheer on its own. That’s why I decided to layer it over another purple polish to see what it would do. The result? A manicure that I kept staring at for as long as it was on my nails.

I tried my hardest to capture the beauty of this combination with my camera, but it simply doesn’t do it justice. To give you somewhat of an idea, I have a few more pictures than usual in a nail polish post. I’m sure you don’t mind.

Products used:

– Kruidvat nail hardener in extra strong (base coat)

– OPI Diva of Geneva

– Max Factor Fantasy Fire

– INM out the door topcoat

Also excuse the messy background in some of these. My kitchen simply has the best lighting when it’s dark, but it’s also filled to the brim with utensils and kitchen gear so it’s difficult to get and good lighting and a nice clean background.

A bit blurry and shiny perhaps, but under different angles the polish turns blue, goldish, or purple. It all depends on how the light hits the shimmer. Gorgeous isn’t it?

Close ups! Here you can definitely see how the shimmer changes under different angles. The fact that there are some reddish hues in Diva of Geneva gives the top polish a completely new and surprising effect.

I simply love the effect of these two polishes together. They really combine well and enhance the best of both.

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