Current obsessions (March 2013)

Two months have passed which means I’ve had plenty of time to become obsessed with a few new things again. Some haven’t changed yet from last time: I’m still obsessed with cheese and dresses, but since I don’t like repeating myself here’s a new batch of 5 things I’ve become obsessed with in the past few months. Enjoy!

1.) Mint green creepers

Creepers. You love em or you hate em. I’ve been slowly seeing them popping up more and more when I go to work, but all I had ever seen were the standard black ones. To me those were simply, well, too black and I didn’t like them much. Until, after watching Jenn from clothesencounters styling her pair in a video that I though: mm I might be able to make this work. After some googling I found that creepers come in different shapes, colors and forms and when I searched the UK Urban Outfitters website I found these ones. How cool are they? I mean they are pastel, mint and have white which instantly makes them girlier and suitable for spring and summer. I cannot wait to add these babies to my ever growing shoe collection!

2.) Dried fruits

I’ve really been digging dried fruits as well lately. In my search for easy snacks that are high in carbs but do not contain any wheat I quickly concluded that dried fruits would be the way to go. So I have been snacking on raisins, currents, plums, apricots and the like for a few weeks now and I really like it. I do go with the non-sugared versions of all as I find the sugared version simply too sweet.

3.) Tara Stiles/ Yoga

My goal for 2013 was to buy myself a yoga mat and do more yoga at home to add a few more work outs into my routine if I can’t make it to the gym or just to stretch out the tension in my back after a long day of work. I have been following Tara Stiles for years via her Twitter and Youtube channel and I devoured her book in one go some time in February. I became so inspired that I started looking up her old videos again and am now finding myself doing her bed time yoga routine a few times a week. I even managed to finally find a yoga mat I like and now my next step is to buy her DVD set later this month so I won’t be stuck trying to find different youtube videos all the time.

4.) Bright lipsticks

Well you may have already guessed this one after yesterday’s post, but it’s simply true. I am totally digging bright lipsticks lately. I’ve been wearing it so often to work that both colleagues and students have gotten used to it by now and don’t even look twice when I come in with another bold concoction on my lips. It does turn a few heads though when I’m walking through the station in the morning.

5.) Justin Timberlake

I can’t wait until the 20/20 Experience is released later this week. I’ve been loving the fact that Mr. JT is finally releasing new music. I am looking up videos on youtube, watching all of his live performances (I am in love with the SNL performance of Mirrors right now, see video) and I even busted out my DVD from the Future Sex Love Sounds tour a few weeks ago. Oh yes, I love me some JT and if the albums is as good at the two songs I’ve heard so far I know that it will soon become a regular in my playlist.

What are your current favorites?

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  1. […] yet. I found some at American Apparel but it’s a bit too expensive for my taste. Oh and those mint & white creepers I showed you a few weeks ago. But I may or may not have already purchased […]

  2. […] I already wrote about being obsessed with these shoes a few weeks ago, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that I ended up getting them. I found them on the Urban Outfitterrs website (click here to go to them) after watching Jenn from ClothesEncounters on Youtube pair hers with different outfits. I googled them to see how much a pair would cost and where I could get them. Since Jenn bought hers from Urban Outfitters that’s the first place I looked and lo and behold. I thought that creepers only came in black, but in fact they come in a multitude of colors. The ones I got, I could ONLY find on the Urban Outfitters UK website though. I pined after them for quite some time, but once the website indicated there was only one pair left in my size I immediately snagged them up. By now there is only a size 6 and a size 8 left (UK sizes). […]

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