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I have come to a stage where I can say I’ve tried so many make up products that I know what I like and don’t like. It’s just that sometimes you find gems in your make up collection: products you used over and over, but since you wanted to try new things they got a bit left behind. Or you bought them but you needed some time to make the product work for you. For some reason I have gone back to using 5 different make up products these past few weeks which for months had literally been sitting on a shelf. And now I wonder: why? These are my rediscovered make up items.

I took pictures of all of them, but since these have all been used and much loved in the past (and yet again) they don’t look the dandiest. But hey, what is a post without pictures right? I’ve also swatched everything for you for good measure. Alright, let’s move on to my first rediscovered product.

Sigma E15 Flat Definer brush

I bought this Sigma brush after Gossmakeupartist raved about it on his youtube channel. I was an eyeliner noob for a long time: I couldn’t get it right. This straight brush, also know as a push liner brush, is great for literally pushing gel eyeliner into the lashes. You simply put some product on the brush and then wiggle it against the base of your lashes. If you do it from the bottom you get a very subtle definition. If you do it from the top it becomes more visible. Since all you have to do is push, you don’t have to worry about drawing a straight line at all and it makes for a much more subtle, yet defined look. My go to looks have toned down drastically in the eye area, so a little less eyeliner goes along with that just fine and I’ve been using it almost every day for the past week.

Missha Perfect Cover BB cream in no. 13 Bright Beige

I reviewed this Asian BB cream last year when I first started using it. The reason why I stopped using it was because it had gotten a tad too light for my skin over summer and so I tried finding something new. I used my MAC Face & Body foundation all winter, but suddenly I felt like changing it up. Using it again made me remember how much I liked using it and I have been using it ever since.

MAC Mineralized Skin Finish Natural in Medium

With a change in foundation, came a change in powder. I have had this powder for a long long time and have loved it ever since I got it. The problem was that over foundation and in the airconditioning in my office this looked horribly cakey and ugly at the end of the day. The BB cream above has a whitening effect which I am not too fond of and with this powder over it instead of a translucent one I had back just that bit of color to make it look natural. Added bonus: over the BB cream this powder doesn’t cake up.

Benefit Erase Paste in Light

Another old favorite rediscovered! I bought this ages ago and loved it. I decided to use it again a few weeks ago, because I got tired of mixing my MAC Select Moisture Cover with some Benefit Highbeam. I suddenly had an epiphany at 7 AM and realized that I could easily skip that step by breaking out my Erase Paste again. Best. Undereye. Concealer. Ever. Doesn’t cake up, looks natural, but covers all it needs to cover.

MAC Mineralized blush in Solar Ray (Heavenly Creatures LE)

I purchased this blush last summer and apart from wearing it once or twice, this hadn’t gotten much use yet. Until… NOW! I’ve been using this baby every day for 2 weeks straight. That’s right. Every single day. That is unique for me as I tend to change up my blush color daily. That’s simply how much I love it. I found that it’s best to apply this with my small stippling brush and then it gives just the right amount of color and glow to my cheeks. It’s a peachy color so no bronzer or highlight needed afterwards.

Swatches: BB cream, MAC MSF, MAC Blush, Erase Paste

All these products work like a charm and I can’t believe I hadn’t touched them for a while. What products have you started using that you had forgotten about?

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  1. leuk artikel en wat een mooie producten! die blush is echt supernooi 🙂 Ik heb niet zo’n grote collectie en ik weet precies wat ik heb liggen dus het gebeurd niet zo heel vaak dat ik iets vergeet. Ik heb het alleen met oogschaduws en dat vooral de mono’s. maar sinds ik de 30 days make up challenge doe gebruik ik echt veel meer kleuren.

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